Saturday, December 21, 2013

Otaku Culture 101 - Bringing Your Otaku Stuff Outside

Got a little bored while waiting for the next chapter of Hayate The Combat Butler, so I decided to make this little otaku culture post. 

Now most people have this stereotypical image of the overweight, pimply-faced otaku who has developed an aversion for this strange land called "the outside."

The thing is, while I do identify myself as an otaku since according to Nagi ojou-sama here...
Got that, Chiharu?

And I do pretty much all of those and then some -- including collecting anime figures, and shamelessly wearing t-shirts featuring my own fanart of my favorite anime heroines like so:
Dem shades!

Anywayz, I go outside pretty often to play Tennis on a nearly daily basis, do some running, or just take a walk around and check out what otaku/non-otaku merchandise the local stores are selling.

But... I do like to bring all my otaku gaming/web surfing/anime viewing stuff with me, which includes:

  • 1 PSP
  • 1 PS Vita
  • 1 NDSL
  • 2 Android Tablets
  • 1 Portable Power Bank
  • 1 Coin Purse

Which I like to stuff all inside this nifty little Hatsune Miku messenger/sling bag.
Otaku survival tools
Now you might be thinking: LOL! Silly kid, you're gonna cry a river if someone ever tries to snatch/rob you of all that stuff; especially with a girly little bag like that.

And you would be quite correct, of course -- which is why you need to always bring along some... equalizers :D

If you're going to journey to "the outside," with all these items, you also need to bring along the proper equipment. Depending on your area, one small firearm might be more effective... but carrying guns is banned here during certain times of the year. 

So personally, I like to bring along some... "thief deterrents" in a separate not-so-girly duffel bag like so:
Tools for "personal defense" LOL
Breakdown of items:

  • 1 baton sword
  • 1 extendible baton
  • 1 huge-ass jungle knife
  • 1 switchblade
  • 1 pair of nunchucks
  • 2 arnis sticks
  • 1 heavy metal flashlight with crenelated bezels

Also, make sure you practice how to actually use these things or they'll be pretty useless just in case you do need to use them... so practice hard until you can make like a ninjer like me... like so (ninjer mask via old t-shirt is optional): 

Btw, just in case you didn't notice, I was kidding about bringing deadly weapons along. The duffel bag is for my tennis balls and racket. I do bring the baton, flashlight and one stungun along though.
It's dangerous out there, take one of these with you.


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