CD-R King Headphones With MP3 Player

The headphones
I just bought these headphones with a built-in micro-SD reader for playing MP3 files as well as an FM radio function that I never plan to use from CD-R King. The construction is pretty much china quality, although to their credit, at least the parts seem pretty solid/not made out of cheap plastic (made out of cheap metal instead). 

Included in the package:

-The headphones
-5 sets of generic glossy printed carboard decals/faceplates 
-1 audio/mic cable
-1 usb charging cable
The headphones are a bit on the small side, with the earpieces measuring in at around 7 centimeters and the faceplates measuring in at 5 cm (per second... lol). As far as comfort goes, they don't seem too bad so far. Nice and comfy, although I do feel that it can get a bit snug around the ears for long periods. I'll have to test them out first to really find out.
Default generic faceplates. Not too shabby, but not for me.
The sound quality is ok, but not spectacular. It's a bit heavy on the bass and there are no mixer options unlike the MJ-168 series of MP3 player phones (also from China :P). The sound coming out of the headphones has a tendency to seem like it's coming from inside a tunnel, but it's not that bad. I wouldn't say the sound quality is outstanding, but it works well enough for me.

The mp3 player function is a definite plus for me since these are going to be pretty useful for jogging/playing tennis/exercising in general. The headphones come with a blue led indicator for when it's on and a red led indicator for when it's charging.

The best thing about these headphones however, is that you can actually swap the faceplates around. There are two transparent plastic covers for each side and the headphones come with several pairs of circular, glossy cardboard decals that you can swap around. Naturally, this allows for easy customization since you can just print out your own decals on photopaper or just plain old paper. Here's a test printout I made on plain paper using my own artwork of Sanzen'in Nagi from Hayate no Gotoku!

First thing I did was to print out my own faceplates
 I also made some miku-themed faceplates among others. The possibilities are endless! These headphones are currently being sold at PHP 680.00 per piece at any CD-R King branch that stocks them. That's around 15 USD.
My custom faceplates printed out on glossy photo paper and cut out with scissors


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