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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 562: Final Chapter 14: To The Promised Land -- Review and Synopsis

Sakuya still wearing that virgin-killing sweater.
Is it strange that I was cheering for Himegami in this chapter? Of course, I want Hina to win in the fight against him... but he was actually making sense.

Synopsis: Athena Sama, there's a huge light in the sky.

This reaction is... fusion?

Athena: C-could this be... the path to the royal garden!?

Final Chapter 14: To The Promised Land

Person A: Uwaaa, what's with dat light?

Person B: Sugoi!!

Person C: Sasuga, Hakuo!

Person D: That must be expensive

Himegami: Oi, Himegami? Wazzup? What just happened?

Mikado: Athena!!

Athena: THis is bad, desu wa~

Athena: This is... ten times... no... hundreds of times bigger than the path I predicted.

Athena: This way, everyone who has a stone will be swallowed.

Book to Nagi: Welcome

Book: I've been waiting for you to come.

Athena: Monitor! Check the inside of the castle.

Sakuya's butler: HAI!

Hina: Wait a sec! Wtf is goin on here?

Athena: Hina!!

Isumi: Director-san, looK!!

Athena: This is bad!

Mikado: That book is right in front of Nagi!

Book: I'm da book of Orumzuto Nadja. Now, I shall grant your wish.

Nagi: My... wish...?

Athena: Hayate, where the fudge are you, Hayate!

Isumi: Hayate-sama! Stop Nagi right now!

Isumi: If she makes that wish, Nagi can't return to this world!!

Nagi: My wish is...

Nagi: This mansion, with Maria there, with Hayate there...

Hayate: Don't ojou-sama... that is!!

(fails epically at grabbing Nagi)

Nagi: I wish for a world where Hayate loves me!

Nagi wakes up in her room

Nagi: This is...?

Hayate: Good morning, ojou-sama. You're up early this morning, aren't you?

Nagi: Ha-Hayate?

Hayate: Yes, what is it?

Nagi: .....

Nagi: Hayate... do you...

Hayate: I love you.

Hayate: I love you, ojou-sama.

Nagi:.... (tears up_

Nagi: I'm glad... I'm really glad.

Meanwhile, real Ayasaki and Hisui are KO'd and floating in mid-air for some reason.

Isumi: This is...

Sakuya: Wazzup?

I disagree with her wish, but how much better
could most of us have done given what just happened to her?
Sakuya's Butler: The Sanzenin Ojou-sama can't be found on the monitor.

Athena: Thanks to that wish earlier, the royal power took her to the closed world.

Athena: Hayate and Hisui are there too. What's that pitch-dark space?

Athena: It's visible from here so there's no mistake that it's inside the royal garden.

Athena: They lost consciousness because of the power's influence.

Athena: Nagi's wish caused it to become separated, I think.

Sakuya: Then, can't we wake her up?

Isumi: Rather than that, whoever wokes up inside the royal garden.

Isumi: can obtain the royal power.

Sakuya: That's bad ain't it? If Hisui wakes up first, then that's the end of everything.

Isumi's grandma: You can actually drive a wedge into the path.

However, the way it is right now. It's going to close soon.

Mikado: But you need a stone to enter the royal garden.

Athena: Yup.

Anyway, it can't be helped... that thing over there (panel of giant king's jewel)

SFX of someone attacking

MikadO: Wtf?

Sakuya's Butler: It's bad, Himegami is above us.

Hiegami: He's destroying the chain!!

Mikado: That...

Athena: What's he thinking?

Hina: Hey, wtf is goin on here?

Hina: What's gonna happen if you can't take the stone?

Athena: IF the stone can't be taken, when the light over the sky disappears, Nagi will be stuck forever in a dream.

Athena: Hayate too, when the royal garden is destroyed... will disappear from this world. 

Mikado: Quit it, Himegami! Now's not the time to fight!

Mikado: You should know how difficult this situation is more than anyone.

Mikado: Stop doing stupid things. The royal power is here!!

Himegami: You don't get it. The fools are you guys.

Himegami: What caused Nagi's despair? What pushed her to enter? You all don't get it.

Mikado: W-what?

Himegami: I was watching... I know.

Himegami: Unrequited love and unfulfilled dreams as well.

Himegami: That's why this is ok as well, isn't it?

Himegami: Even if it's not real. She will obtain eternal happiness in a dream.

Himegami: My role here is over.

Mikado: Well... what about Hisui then? Hisui too...

Himegami: That's why... you're too lenient.

Himegami: Hisui was the chosen person to fall in to this situation. In the end, she will win.

Himegami: That's why don't get involed anymore than this.

Himegami: Victory goes to those who work for it. 

Himegami: The eternal dream will be answered as well.

Himegami: I don't think my substitute butler Ayasaki can be saved but... you reap what you sow.

Himegami: Well, he was supposed to die last year anyway.

Himegami: He found last year quite enjoyable, so he can't complain.

Himegami: He's a uselss 2nd class butler. He can die for his lord's dream. He'd like that, right?

Nagi's tears of joy seem pretty fake to me. Give our main heroine a little time, she'll come around.

Isumi: Athena-sama, the road... it won't work anymore like this!!

Athena: It can't be helped, Isumi-san. The road, we have to...

Isumi: hai!

Himegami: I see, so be it!!

HImegami: Anyone who gets in the way of this situation--

Athena: !?

Shirousakura appears

Even if this dream isn't real. Hayate has no right to drag her away from it if he cannot love her romantically. At least let her be happy after everything his sin by lack of knowledge and omission has put her through.

Hina: I dunno what's goin on but...I won't let you get what you want.

Himegai: !?

Athena: Hina!

Hina: You handle the path for Hayate and the others to return meanwhile... (thank you to doughnut gunso for the clarification.)

HIna: I'm going to fetch that stone over there.

Himegami: Who the fudge are you...?

Hina: I'm just a hero of justice passing by...

end of chapter!

Review: I have a few things to say about this chapter, but let me divide the review up a bit for easier reading.

Also, some highly perceptive anon commenter on this blog totally called it on the mansion being sucked into the Royal Garden -- or at least something to that effect happened in this chapter.

What I Liked

Well, things are moving along at a better pace than the last few chapters. At least now the stage has been set for a good finale. I believe that in order to be truly satisfying, the ending should have a definitive answer to two very important questions:

1. Will Hayate ever love Nagi romantically?

2. Can Nagi's love for Hayate snap her out of the fake dream that she has concocted for herself?

With that said, I'll always believe in Nagi's love for Hayate. At the very least, this series has shown us that her love isn't fake even if the premise was a lie. I believe (perhaps with Hayate's help) that she can overcome this trial that she is currently facing.

As for Hayate, let's just say that if platonic love is all he will ever have for Nagi, then this whole story would have been pointless -- and a big waste of Nagi's character development.

We also have Hina stepping up to the challenge and seemingly about to square off against Himegami. That was a nice touch. It gives her a chance to shine and show off what she can do with the Shirousakura. At the very least, she's taken Himegami by surprise.

I was actually rooting for Himegami when he started lecturing everyone about Nagi and Hisui. I have to agree. He's right except for dragging Hayate into things. I believe that if Hayate really has no romantic feelings at all for Nagi, then he should just pack up and leave the Royal Garden as soon as he awakens and leave Nagi in her deluded but happy fantasy for eternity.

Of course, I really don't see the story heading in this direction. As I've said many times before, I fully expect Nagi to make a dramatic comeback even though she's made a pretty selfish wish right now and inadvertently dragged everyone into it.

Furthermore, Hata has set the stage for Hayate to really shine and redeem himself as the main protagonist of this series. If he expects to convince Nagi to come back to reality with him, then he'll have to do it while overcoming the fake Hayate in Nagi's dream world who apparently is "in love" with her.

What I Didn't Like

I really didn't like how Hayate got a free ticket into the royal garden just because he was holding a King's Jewel.

Also, he was unconscious for almost the entire chapter -- which prevents us from seeing any kind of introspection from him regarding what has happened between him and Nagi so far. We really, really need a good, clear look into what Hayate is thinking at this point because Hata has kept him ambiguous about how he really feels about Nagi for so long. All we can do is glean implications from his reluctance to tackle the issue of Nagi's feelings. Some people see it this way or that way, but we have no actual confirmation of any of our theories because Hayate just can't say it out loud.

With that said, things are moving at quite a clip and I'm pretty excited for the next chapter. I really hope we see things from Hayate's viewpoint pretty soon.

Nagi's Wish

Nagi's wish was obviously a big mistake on her part. Yet, how much better could most of us have done. Here we have a young girl whose heart had just been broken. Not only that, the very foundation of the love that she had developed for so long turned out to be a lie. I think we can afford to give her a little leniency for her selfish, irresponsible wish. At the very least, wait until the next few chapters before blaming her because I'm pretty confident she'll redeem herself.

Maria's Letter

Nagi is currently in the fantasy world that Hayate dreamed about just a few chapters ago. She can and she will snap out of it and I believe Maria's letter, which she was clutching as the explosion of negative emotions happened will have something to do with it. I think the letter might contain a simple message like, "reality is much more beautiful than you might think."

Fanart Corner: Just one unfinished sketch of Nagi for this week. Didn't have a whole lot of time to draw.


  1. Amazing ! Can't wait to see Hina kick Himegami's ass.
    I hope Maria in Nagi dream could do something to help her. This situation is too much for Nagi. For once, i really want to hug Nagi. (i'm Athena fan btw)

    1. Greetings! I personally believe that it's not Maria but Hayate who should do something for Nagi. Maria's role in this manga is finished. Whether people disagree with her departure or not, her letter and perhaps a flashback is the only logical thing left for Maria within the flow of the story. That and a cameo role after maybe 10 years when we see how everyone is doing.

      Most of us here are Nagi fans, but you're more than welcome, of course.

  2. So that means the dream where hayate give nagi morning kiss wasn't even hayate's dream?? T^T

    1. Seems like it. Perhaps more of a premonition of what's to come.

  3. Yes. Nagi's steady grow sice Miconos Arc was amazing. Im keep getting shocked with her act in the story. And after the Level 5 Arc, she has become a reallu strong person. The first time i started to have a soft spot for her was the last chapter of the Level 5 Arc. The way er happy smile was showed with the script "Explosive of negative emotion" striked me deeply. From that point i know she must face something not easy in the future. And that make me anticipated for her development. And by this final arc, she was finally blossomed. This is Nagi's spotlight arc. Everything from her were excellent. And i know she could have enough strenght to wake up from this pain by her own. I still want to see an official confront between Nagi and Hisui (they still not have met with each other for a long time) vecause i want to see how they will react with each other.

    I think those next few chapters will feature Ikusa. To help Athena and Hina against Himegami. And to finally put and end to Hayate's parents evil work.

    1. Ah, glad to know you like Nagi as well. So many people read this manga and then get pissed off by all the attention given to Nagi when... well, she's the co-main character, what else would you expect?

      Yeah, I'd really like to see Ikusa get into this fight as well. I get the feeling he's stronger than Himegami, but I could be wrong. Like I said in the review though, I don't necessarily disagree with what Himegami is saying. Unless Hayate can prove Himegami wrong, I think Nagi is better off being happy in her deluded fantasy world.

  4. I wish nagi won't need hayate's help to wake up. In cuties, she said that hayate don't need to kiss anyone for her sake. This time too, she may not need him to love her if he really don't like her.
    She says that hayate is more important,so how could she allow him to die or live with a massive scar of loosing her only for her ! I think she will tell midas that just a stone cannot justify their relationship.
    Except the earliest chapters, problems have always helped her to grow up. I wish she will grow too much in just a day ( by the help of maria's letter) that hayate will be amazed. He said he likes mature and confident girl , which he will find in nagi and fall for her. And she will teach him about taking responsibilities and forgiving indirectly.
    Since she destroyed the stone, I have always wanted her to contribute something great with a little knowledge about the situation. As how she observed the blueprint and found out ikusa to be the owner of a hotel.
    A bengali proverb says 'geniuses play the trick at the last night' ( poorest translation of " ostader mar sesh rate") which is highly applicable for her, I think.. So let's wait for nagi to overcome the shock.
    And while fighting with himegami, hina may reveal more cause to give up on hayate which can convince himegami to move on. Then hina will once again be the hero who can't show the tears beneath the mask; she has her sister by her at least.

    1. Hey. I loved the fact that you talked about the proverb "ostader mar shesh raate". It's really nostalgic. How old are you? I remember I learnt bagdhara in class 11. Were you in wbchse board?

    2. Yes, I'm in wbchse. And I'm 17 right now.

    3. Thanks for sharing. I wasn't aware of this saying, of course. Yup, what you say makes sense. If Hayate desires a strong, independent girl (a queen), then perhaps Nagi should overcome this trial without ever needing Hayate's help and shock Hayate (and her haters).

  5. You know, looking at this chapter again, I can't help but feel sorry for Nagi even after she made that wish. When you think about it, the fact that she made that wish for Hayate to love her proves just how much she really loves him.

    Even after finding out about the misunderstanding, she could only hate him for a few brief moments, but as it turns out, her wish was only for him to love her back. Poor girl. How can people still feel that she doesn't deserve Hayate and her happy ending after all this?

    Is it because "Hayate doesn't love her ROMANTICALLY?" I would say "how do you know for sure that will always be the case? Nagi has matured into the type of girl that is exactly Hayate's type if Athena and the other girls he's shown attraction for are anything to go by. All that's left is for him to notice her and he'd better damn notice her before this story is through.

  6. Why did Maria leave? I'm sad she did. She was like the mother Hayate never really had.

    1. Maria left because she acknowledged Nagi's maturity and felt that her role as Nagi's substitute mother was finished.

  7. Advanced spoilers for ch. 563 https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5005540893

    This manga has 6 chapters left. Hina and Himegami have a fight while Himegami is philosophically discussing about how this current setup is the best choice to make everyone happy -- including Nagi. After a few attempts, Hina defeats Himegami and shatters his mask. Sakuya spots something at the end of the chapter.

    1. 6 chapters left? But can everything be properly resolved with just 6 chapters? I hope it doesn't go badly.

    2. Well, the current setup isn't that bad. Hina just got her epic final battle.

      At this point, I'm just waiting for Hayate's reflection chapter on Nagi

  8. Six chapters to finish is plenty given the current setup honestly. All that's left at this point is Hayate and Nagi reconciling and the final battle with Hsui, six chapters for that is slightly generous if anything.

    Though I kinda expect the final chapter to be a timeskip/epilogue, tbh.

    Despite all the talk of Hayate being cancelled I've seen far worse, like Bleach having one chapter to resolve the dumb final battle it had been building up for years, or TWOGK just straight canceling it's final arc and skipping straight to resolving the romance question in two chapters.

    HnG is looking like it pretty much got to do everything it wanted to do with the final arc, the one big shock was skipping over a couple months of bithdays and such and going straight to the climax.

    I know one of the recent Omake's had Hata (through Nagi) saying that if he had infinite time, he'd like to redraw Hayate from the beginning as a focused manga that wasn't full of filler so skipping all the fluff in the end was likely influenced by his own impatience as much as anything.

    1. Thanks for your input.

      I agree. The rapid-fire ship-sinking could have been handled better too, of course. With that said, I think they were handled satisfactorily enough. There's definitely a lot of bias when I say this, though. I'm all for Nagi after all.

      Still, I'm really dying for a Hayate reflection chapter specifically on Nagi. Also, I don't believe for one moment that the watch that Nagi is supposed to have given Hayate for his birthday was set aside or forgotten by Hata.

      It's worth noting that Hata did have that one gag chapter wherein he had Nagi and Hayate discussing the different types of endings from other manga. So whatever else happens, I'm highly confident that the ending will be competently written.

      I've read that particular omake. Hata certainly likes to use Nagi as his own voice in those... I'm not sure how I feel about that...

  9. Ok people... brace yourselves. 1 and 1/2 days left before the actual announcement of the last 6 chapters with Hayate along with the release of ch. 563

  10. So... Hata just made the announcement on his twitter account. 6 chapters left. Also, someone replied in Japanese that they want a Hina x Ruka ending.

  11. oh, my God! I hope nagi you can get out of that eternal dream.
    And may Hayate be able to say at once to whom he loves! I wait for the next chapter :)

  12. I hope Hayate stays on as Nagi's butler but gets together romantically with Hina.

    1. I sure hope not. That would be very cruel to Nagi and it would mean Hina taking back her decision.

    2. What decision did she make?

    3. Start reading here and until the next chapter when she talks to Himegami: http://www.mangahome.net/manga/hayate_the_combat_butler/c556/9.html

      Righ here:

  13. What did Maria have to go to after leaving?

    1. No idea. She could have gone anywhere... but maybe she's still just hanging around waiting for a chance to help out just like Yukiji did in ch. 563.

  14. i want Hayate end up with Nagi because i think the most girl who really needs Hayate by her side is Nagi than any other girls, because other girls are much more independent than Nagi

    and my thought that Nagi don't really have much love because her mother died when she's in young age and don't know her father too

    well that's my opinion who Hayate will end up with

    1. Well, Nagi doesn't really need him anymore -- at least not as a butler. That's the reason that Maria left. She acknowledged that Nagi had matured to the point wherein she can take care of herself.

      Hayate was unwilling to accept this. He never once acknowledged Nagi as independent and that's why he prioritized ensuring her future through securing her inheritance rather than thinking about her feelings for him -- which he'd already known at that point.

      Anyway, thank for sharing your thoughts.

  15. is there any new post about chapter 563? because senmanga hasn't update .-.
    and btw, if the HnG end in 6 chapters left then it will ends at 569? cause that would be 1 chapter left to 570

    1. Check the latest post on my blog. it's out. I got the raws from manga-spot

  16. I wonder who will be the lucky guy to be with Hina? Maybe it will be someone brand new.


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