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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 559: Final Chapter 11: Oath Sign -- Review and Synopsis

Based on Hata's twitter, he was listening to this song -- the namesake of this chapter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJ4yehnerHQ

This face... this beautiful sad, lonely, depressed face!

Synopsis: Last Christmas

Ayumu: Let's invite Hayate too!

Souya: But that guy and money...

Ayumu: D-definitely, Hayate is poor but...

Some guy: So straightforward.

Ayumu: However... if he's in trouble with money then his friends should help him.

Souya: K, fine, let's invite him too.

Ayumu: Thank ya, Souya.

Ayumu: Anywayz, I'mma look for Hayate kyun~

However, I searched all night but...

Eventually, I couldn't find Hayate.

Ayumu: However, this year's Christmas eve... I'll spend it with Hayate!

Hayate: Yo, it's Ayasaki~


Ayumu: There's something I'd like to talk to you about... IS THAT OK!?

Hayate: Eh? What is it? Is curry ok for supper?

Hayate: Let's see we have enough materials for curry...

Ayumu: I dun wanna talk about today's menu!

Ayumu: Hayate-kyun, you got ze plans for Christmas EVE!?

Hayate: No... nothing in particular...

Ayumu: That's why... would you like to have a curry party with me?

Hayate: Eh, curry? :D

Ayumu: That's wrong! Christmas! I meant Christmas Party!

Hayate: Oh yeah, I turned down the invite for Souya's party last year huh?

Ayumu: Yeah, yeah, that's it.

Ayumu: I want the two of us...

Hayate: Sure, I'll go.

Hayate: Please tell Souya-kun and the others too, It'll be fun.

Chibi Ayumu-San

Ayumu: :) (the part about just the two of us didn't get through did it?)

Ayumu: Oh well, anywayz, this is Hayate's Christmas. I'll think about getting the two of us alone together later.

Such things happened one month ago. Anywayz, One week atter Maria disappeared.

Ojou-sama was very depressed.

Hayate: Ojou-sama... lunch is ready.

Nagi: Yes, thank you.

Hayate.... (looks at the still unopened letter from Maria)

Hayate: You still haven't read Maria's letter huh?

Nagi: That's because... If I read it, then that will be the end of everything...

Hayate:..... Oh, right, weren't you meeting someone today? Kanzaki wasn't it?

Nagi: Eh?

Hayate: It's good to go out once in a while, isn't it?

Hayate: Let's not worry about what lies ahead. Now, shall we go?


Hayate: Her condition isn't good, huh?

Kurosu: That patient's conditon changed abruptly just a while ago, it seems.

Kurosu: It's been a while... who'd have thought we'd meet in a place like this.

Hayate: Ah... you're... DR. BLACKJACK! (lol Dr. Kurosu)

Hayate: Do you work at this hospital?

Kurosu: Nah, I'm a freelancing doctor~

Kurosu: I just came to see how some of my old patients were doing.

Kurosu: Oh, and it seems I met your older brother too.

Hayate: H-how do you know?

Kurosu: Hah, dun underestimate a freelance doctor's info network!

Kurosu: But, I'm glad we met.

Hayate: Yah, well he still refuses to acknowledge me as his younger brother.

Kurosu: Haha, he never changes.

Noo... don't be sad, Nagi! My Heart can't take it watching you like this!

Nagi: ......

Nagi: I see... Hayate still has an older brother.

Hayate: Ojou-sama....

At Hakuo Clock Tower

WHAT!? Maria disappeared and now Nagi-chan is depressed!?

Kayura: Yeah, with school aside, she also hasn't come to the apartment.

Hayate: yes, she won't get up out of bed.

Aika: If it takes over a year for her to recover, it might just get worse.

Risa: I see... Therefore, HINA! Isn't it time for that!?

Hina: That?

Risa: Hakuo Gakuin's traditional Christmas Event! The Big Bubble Christmas Party.

Hayate: Big Bubble Christmas Party?

Hina: Wait a sec, wtf is that, Risa?

Aika: That's going too far! That's dangerous!

Hayate: Err... wtf are ya all sayin?

Hina: Hakuo academy's traditional event. a most awful, terrible event...

Hina: The name came from Japan's bubble era. Using money like hot water to party until morning!

How can being depressed make her look this pretty?

Hayate: .....

Hina: For your information, the use of the money isn't justified.

Once (some reference that I do not get to some event that caused somethin major )

Hayate: Th... that kind of thing?

Hayate: But speaking about that, do we even have permission to do that?

Kananiwa: I heardz ya. Let's go for it~

Hayate: Ka-kananiwa san?

Kananiwa: When the rich use money, the economy progresses! I'll talk to the other directors about this, so by all means, do it!

Kananiwa: And with this, I shall put an end to my lonely Christmas eve!

Kayura: Ah, this person...

Aika: Doesn't care about spending the school's money.

Kananiwa: I will definitely find a nice guy with this!

Kayura: She really doesn't care, does she?

Hina: This has become a really big party, eh?

Hayate: Yes, but thank you.

Hayate: With this, ojou-sama will cheer up...

Redev Guy (who will be Hayate's dad, I'm sure): Eh, they really celebrate things differently at a rich school huh?

Redev Guy: But the landlady's condition is rather worrisome, isn't it?

Chiharu: It sure is.

Redev Guy: But that Ayazaki-kun was it? That butler is really supportive.

Chiharu: That is... well...

I can totally understand her sentiments~!

Redev Guy: Eh? Am I in trouble? Does the landlady not want to sell anymore?

Chiharu: No, no. It's already been sold hasn't it?

Nagi: My body has no energy...

Nagi: The pain of lose just won't go away.

Nagi: Darn it... at this rate...

Hayate: Listen up, Ojou-sama! Everyone's going to have a party on Christmas Eve. Ruka's going to be performing live too. It's super exciting!

Nagi: :(

Hayate: Well then... I'll go prepare dinner.

Nagi: Hayate

Nagi: Hayate... you're not going away too are you?

Nagi: You're in love with me so... you'll stay by my side, won't you?

Hayate: ....I will always be... by ojou-sama's side...

Next chapter will be out 2/15 (or spoiled earlier~)

Contrary to our initial concerns from last chapter... except for the abrupt timeskip, it seems Hata is not really rushing things that much. If he has the time to cook up this Christmas Party thing to try and console Nagi while only subtly moving the main plot forward, then he probably isn't in that much of a hurry to end things abruptly.

With the abrupt timeskip and the mystery behind what happened in November aside, things seem to be progressing at a good pace. We even get to see characters like Kananiwa, Aika and the Hakuo baka-trio whom we haven't heard from for a while.

I kinda like how concerned Hayate is for Nagi here when all logic would dictate that he really shoudn't be anymore unless he really did have feelings for her~

Anyway, I'm really happy with Hayate this chapter and how hard he's trying to console Nagi. He may not be showing any romantic feelings for her just yet, but I love how even the redev guy has noticed how he's really going out of his way for Nagi. I really can't buy the theory that he's just doing this because he feels guilty. I mean, such a thing may be plausible IRL, but it makes zero sense for a structured story -- it's illogical.

My poor little baby... I just wanna give her a hug!

So to put it simply, Ayasaki scored some Main Character points with me in this chapter, but unfortunately, he had to make that declaration to Nagi again at the end. Seriously, what is he thinking right now?

By the way, the way he defused Ayumu's advances subtly, I get the feeling he did that on purpose rather than being oblivious as usual.

Also, I don't believe for one moment that Nagi giving Hayate a watch for his birthday was forgotten by Hata. It's probably a relevant plot point that will be explored in a flashback later on. It may even be the trigger for Hayate to start thinking of Nagi in a different light -- which is really what we all want him to do so that this manga can speed towards it good ending.


Date check, we're probably at around December 10-11 right now. That still leaves a few days until the 24th, so it's all good.

I really love the art for Nagi in this chapter. She's 14, she's super depressed, but wow does she look ravishing. I love the amount of detail on her face, her eyes, her disheveled hair... Hayate, take a good long look at her, will you?

Going on a tangent and talking about Maria for a bit, I'd like to challenge the notion that she's underdeveloped. She's underused as a character, but her development follows a logical progression. It began with her feeling insecure about Nagi not needing her anymore in the mangaka arc. This was explored further when Nagi beat her at roulette in an epic fashion in the level 5 arc. I think it was then when she fully accepted how much Nagi had matured. After that, she made a decision that was no doubt calculated to help out Nagi as well as herself - to quit being a maid. While her sudden disappearance seems rather irresponsible now considering how Nagi is taking it in this chapter, I get the feeling that Maria saw this coming as well and we'll probably know more about why she still made her final decision to disappear without telling Nagi inside that letter she left behind.

Busou Shinki NagiReserving this corner for my newest acquisition: Busou Shinki Nagi. She may be small, but she' s super posable and comes with all kinds of accessories. I really love her -- but she's Nagi, of course I love her! This is a really rare figure that only came with the limited edition of the PSP game, Hayate no Gotoku!! Nightmare Paradise.

Busou Shinki Nagi ready for Take-Off!

Fanart Corner: Got quite a few today -- including a redraw of Nagi's face in this chapter. Also, I have one guest fanart from Stella featuring mai waifu and Miku -- my... ex waifu... haha! I still love Miku though~ it's just that Nagi is mai laifu! Oh whatever... enjoy!
Text: We believe in Hata-sensei! (I tweeted this to him)
Drawn Quickly on a whiteboard today. I tried to make her look as if she's smiling but still with those dreamy eyes
Mai waifu with my ex waifu by Stella.

Adding in this cute kitty because the reason I drew it is because it reminds me of Nagi~


  1. Firstly, thank you for this... xD Hata-sensei is really baiting us out eh...

    Though I think Hayate also need to solve his private issue with his family too... and I think Hata is gonna put it up in there in the christmas. Not sure how he will do it though... xD

    1. Not a problem. I do this every week for love of Nagi~

      Anyway, yeah, Hayate's got issues with his family alrighty... among other things. I'm still not abandoning the theory that the redevelopment company guy is actually Shun Ayasaki/Hayate's father.

    2. By the way, the synopsis that you gave on animesuki (if that was you) is incorrect.

      The chapter starts with Ayumu having a flashback about planning a Christmas party with Souya and company. She tried to invite Hayate but couldn't find him.

      It then transitions to Ayumu inside the violet mansion one month ago from the present timeline of the manga. She tries inviting Hayate to spend Christmas eve with her alone, but Hayate thinks she's inviting him to a group party like last year.

      We then move on to one week after Maria's disappearance. And I guess you guys are really desperate to believe that Hayate's doing everything for Nagi simply out of feelings of guilt and nothing more, huh? Ok, I guess that makes for a wonderful story. :)

    3. ah... yeah sorry for that... xD
      I was kinda skimming through the raw provided by my aunt in japan... I was too busy to give time read it slowly... didn't knew it was in wrong order... xD

      And I don't think I'm that desperate... or at least that how I feel... *maybe*

    4. Ah well, anywayz, DKThias translations are out. I made a few mistakes myself... although I'm not certain that their translation of Mr Redev Company guy's words were totally accurate either.

    5. hahahaha... xD

      anyway, thanks for clarification. more power to you man... xD

  2. Maria left the sanzenin...so she won't take part in the RG business.

    But she said she must do something when nagi told that hayate can save her if she stucks in the castle. Maybe the letter is about this .

    Nagi rejected to show her loneliness when she sold him to isumi and when he resigns in Ctmeoy. Now looks like she can admit her true feelings. Maybe that's why she can tell about hayate to chiharu.

    1. Yup, Nagi has come a long way from her tsundere self back in those days. It's an amazing amount of progress considering it's been less than a year in the manga's timeline, really.

  3. Here's an addendum. This is actually a comment I made on Astronerdboy's blog, but it's good fuel for discussion.

    RE: No groundwork for Hayate x Nagi

    But… the gist of that argument is that “he didn’t write the romance explicitly like I wanted, therefore it’s not groundwork.” I’ve laid out my arguments as to what I think constitutes the “groundwork” it’s just not the type of groundwork you’re looking for, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

    If Hayate had noticed Nagi earlier and had shown feelings for her, then Nagi would really have been just another one of his harem girls. As it stands right now, Nagi is “unique” from everyone else because Hayate can’t actually place his feelings for her. He doesn’t even understand how he truly feels about her because he’s never really reflected on it. It’s no longer him being dense at this point, but rather, him putting up a mental barrier against seeing Nagi as a romantic prospect. Why this is so is still up for debate, but I don’t think it’s worth the debate since we’ll just see for ourselves as the manga speeds toward the ending.

    This “uniqueness” of Nagi being the only girl in his harem (with arguably the strongest and most well developed love for him) whom Hayate has shown zero attraction for actually makes her more endearing to me as the co-main character of this series.

    Also, here’s something that might redeem Hayate (or Hata as a writer, if you please) just yet: what if he did notice Nagi long ago and Hata just hasn’t been showing it to keep us guessing? It could easily be shown in a series of flashback panels wherein Hata explicitly tells us that Hayate did have some brief moments of attraction towards Nagi in several key moments of the manga’s story. It’s just that he keeps trying to suppress/deny these feelings. It’s never too late to write in something like that. Do you still think that would be forced?

    1. This is exactly what I think. Hayate treating Nagi differently from others and showing no explicit romantic attraction does not mean he has never seen her in that light. Besides, as I've mentioned before, his romantic moments with the other girls kind of seem similar and hard to rank in terms of how romantic those are. Excluding nagi, it is hard to understand which girl hayate prioritises more.

    2. Even the scene where nagi sees hayate embracing ruka saying he would make her happy somehow resembles of the time when he confesses about athena to hina.

    3. @Roop: Part of my response was inspired by something you said, that's why... and I think it really makes sense. Nagi is clearly different from the other girls in Hayate's life and he does give her special treatment. Right now, with the debt gone and with Hayate fully aware of the misunderstanding, it would be a big waste if it ends with him just leaving her and then meeting Maria somewhere down the road so they can get together leaving Nagi all alone with her newfound "independence" so she can become a best-selling mangaka ten years later. That's just too unfair for Nagi and really not what the "groundwork" of the story has been building up to.

    4. Yes. I have tried many times to put myself in the shoes of other fans, to understand what I am missing, why is it that I'm so obsessed with nagi while many others are obsessed with the other girls. And I have failed to understand that. All the characters have their own admirable characteristics, but Nagi truly inspires me. And I also think that she brings out qualities in hayate that he never would have thought existed. As for reciprocity of love, I think like you said, the attraction on hayate's part has always been there, but hidden in plain sight. There are plenty of such moments but...I guess I'll just wait until the author reveals when those moments happened.

    5. So I just read the subbed chapter and this is a translation question. Your last summary line says:

      Nagi: You're in love with me so... you'll stay by my side, won't you?
      Hayate: ....I will always be... by ojou-sama's side...

      Final line in the scan chapter I read says: "I will always... be on your side"

      The translation I read is an indirect rejection not confirming the feelings while what you posted is more of a hesitant affirmation.

      Is it due to Japanese language or is someone mis-translating as it makes a subtle difference.

    6. Glad you asked. So Nagi uses the word "sobani" (side) while Hayate uses the word mikata (shoulder). His actual words were "boku ha itsudatte ojousama no mikata desu yo" The subtle difference there I think is that "mikata" is more generic and doesn't have the romantic implication of "sobani"

      Long ass copy-pasta from an explanation I made on facebook: For context purposes: The line was "no mikata" instead of what people usually use which is "no sobani" The difference I believe is that "sobani" has a more romantic implication while "mikata" is more generic. "Mikata" for shoulder. "Sobani" for side if you translate it literally. It's kinda silly to have him say "I will always be by your shoulder though." So they translated it as "on your side"

    7. "I will always be by your shoulder" sounds like "I will always be at your arm's length." Anyway, can't wait for the next chapter. These chapters are so full of many implications that my insight is also getting overloaded now. Not that I don't like it.

    8. "sobani" denotes closeness/nearness while it's support for "mikata." So it could also be read to mean as "I will always support, milady."

    9. Oh, I see. That makes more sense. And thanks for saying that you got inspired by something I said. This encourages me to make more observations and point them out. It's my hobby.

  4. From chapter 559, I have two points to note,
    1. Is the meeting of kanzaki and hayate is delayed on purpose? 2. Does the doctor know his parents too?

    Now from the spoilers of chapter 560, I have a prediction of how the story will go now.

    Hayate believes atan's theory of love as he cares less about mental bonds for the atmosphere of his former home. That also may be the main bar between him and nagi. And right now, isumi-wataru-sakuya is not beside nagi as what she lacks is family, not friends.

    Looks like his parents maybe sorry for their deeds and as hayate told saku long ago, he won't give them anymore chances. Nagi can make him understand that only forgiving them can make him go forward. With ruka's help , he may forgive them.

    Moreover, he may also try to protect the violet mansion. And nagi can tell him the importance of bonds and memories than any mundane objects. That may trigger to have him see nagi as a girl. At the same time, nagi has a chance to surpass atan as atan tried to seperate him from his family( though her purpose was good). While nagi is restoring his faith in humanity and family.

    It's only my guessings. Maybe I talked too much, but its only my views and am extremely sorry if it opposes others' opinions. Hope you will judge my theory critically.

    1. I saw chapter 560 spoilers too. Hayate punched that redev company guy and it seems like the latter is the former's father. Interesting turn of events.

    2. LOL more like "I TOTALLY SAW THAT COMING" The redev guy being Hayate's father, I mean. Link the spoilers please?

      Also @meandanime: Thanks for sharing. That's a pretty good theory, actually.

      By the way, I must correct myself. Mikata isn't "shoulder," I'm an idiot. Google translate has a better translation than me. あなたの味方 = Your Ally (anata no Mikata) So Hayate was saying "I will always be ojou-sama's ally," thus why they translated it as "on your side."

    3. https://boards.4chan.org/a/thread/153323090.
      So basically hayate wants to say that he will be by nagi's side regarding the fortune/against hisui or any other kind of danger. Still he's avoiding the actual problem.

    4. Thanks! Rather amused at those anons who thought Hayate and Nagi were related. So desperate... anyway, I'll translate the portions with Hayate and his dad (I think Nagi disappeared):

      Shun: If that's so... then I'll go look too...

      Chiharu: Sorry about this.

      Hayate: Chiharu san... ojou-sama is...

      Chiharu: A-ayasaki... this is...

      Hayate: >(

      Hayate: Chiharu-san... out of the way!

      Chiharu: Eh?

      Hayate: (punches dad)

      Chiharu: Wa- what are you doing Ayasaki-kun?

      Hayate: What am I doing?

      Hayate: This is... this is...

      Hayate: What are you doing here, father!

      Shun: Ouch, that hurt...

      text at side: Together with Chiharu is... Hayate's father? Next issue -- shock!

    5. To add to meandanime's theory. At the end of CTMEOY, Nagi says these words: "forgiving someone and being forgiven. That's what binds people together... and that's what the story is all about"

      So yeah, it's definitely a possibility that he'll learn about forgiveness from Nagi and thus, also making Nagi's lesson for Hayate about love superior to Athena's... no offense to A-tan fans.

    6. error from me on that last line

      Shun says "I got caught" after Hayate punches him.

    7. Thanks for the translation. I couldn't really understand why many came to the conclusion from these spoilers that hayate's father is equal to nagi's father. I hope hayate beats his father to a pulp and takes out all the vengeance that he can. Part of the reason why hayate is sort of selfish and manipulative is because he has such parents. Hayate needs to vent out that pent up anger within himself. And then forgive him, of course. But not before he gets revenge because that would be really satisfying.

    8. One thing though... what if we were just seeing Hayate's perspective all this time and his parents weren't really all that bad? That's part of my theory on the Redev guy = Shun Ayasaki from a few chapters back.

      Also, Ayumu relented in favor of Nagi after reflecting on Athena's words about herself not being reflected in his eyes. Smooth sailing being prepared for our ship. Also, those anons in 4chan forgot that Izumi's ship was sunk. Isumi was never in the running and Maria's ship was quietly sunk some time ago too.

    9. Now that you mention it, yeah, it's possible. But then, the father should have a strong reason on why he sold his son. It's kind of conflicting because he sold his son but he seems concerned about nagi.

    10. Here's the Ayumu x Hayate portion: (I'll probably reuse these for the upcoming synopsis)

      Ayumu: It's ok. If Nagi-chan is depressed, just encourage her. She'll have fun.

      Ayumu: Well then, I'll be at my parents home for winter break. bye bye, Hayate-kun.

      Ayumu: Many things happened this year.

      Ayumu: That day I searched for Hayate was the day he met Nagi chan.

      Ayumu: Gradually, the future came close.

      Athena flashback: I understood when I saw his eyes

      Athena flashback: those eyes, I was no longer reflected in them.

  5. Thanks violent cloud for accepting my theory. The ctmeoy incident looks like a better implication. And indeed, this story is all about misunderstanding from the outside, and the deepest feelings of understanding that makes one forgiven. And that is what binds the two protagonists together.
    Is it already the chirtmas eve?
    As maria left the sanzenin, she may not be there even on her 18th birthday. And that day nagi may open the letter to let maria be free from her or something else. I truly believe the bomb of misunderstanding is within the letter...so the burst of negetive emotions. Maybe that's why midas is furious ( as the door is open now) and that can also be the shock next issue. Then it will be more tensed situation as a few hours will be remaining before RG destroys and hayate must recognise his feelings to save nagi in time.
    But I'm confused about the timeline. Seeing ayumu and hakuo students, seems like it is the 24th. But the incident regarding hayate's father does not say so.

    1. We'll have to wait and see when the full chapter is available. It does look like it's the 24th with everyone in costume... lol Sakuya in a virgin-killing sweater and Hina in a sexy Santa outfit.

    2. Grr... that anon posted things in the wrong order. This is the correct order for Ayumu's pages:

      Ayumu: Many things happened this year.

      Ayumu: That day I searched for Hayate was the day he met Nagi chan.

      Ayumu: Gradually, the future came close.

      Athena flashback: I understood when I saw his eyes

      Athena flashback: those eyes, I was no longer reflected in them.

      Ayumu: It's ok. If Nagi-chan is depressed, just encourage her. She'll have fun.

      Ayumu: Well then, I'll be at my parents home for winter break. bye bye, Hayate-kun.


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