Monday, February 13, 2017

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 560: Final Chapter 12: Broken Mirror - Partial Spoilers and Clarifications

Because people have been clinging on to false rumors... a clarificatory spoiler post for all~

Again, this is not the full chapter yet, so wait for it~

You know you wanted to see this for the longest time~

there's no truth in the rumors that Hayate and Nagi have the same father. Not only is that illogical for the flow of the story, but there's not even a single hint of that in this chapter... or in any kind of foreshadowing events.

So, the spoilers seem to be divided into three distinct parts. First off, there's Ayumu sinking her ship in Nagi's favor like so:

Nice knowin ya, Hamster. Dun worry. You can still hook up with Souya.

Ayumu: Hah... tomorrow is Christmas Eve huh?

Ayumu: Many things happened this year.

Ayumu: That day I searched for Hayate was the day he met Nagi chan.

Ayumu: Gradually, the future came close.

Athena flashback: I understood when I saw his eyes

Athena flashback: those eyes, I was no longer reflected in them.

Ayumu: It's ok. If Nagi-chan is depressed, just encourage her. She'll have fun.

Ayumu: Well then, I'll be at my parents home for winter break. bye bye, Hayate-kun. (so yes, Ayumu has excluded herself from the plot while giving the nod to Nagi-chan)

Next, we see Hina, Kayura, Sakuya and the Hakuo baka-trio over at Hakuo academy. Hayate is frantically running around looking for Nagi coz she disappeared and her phone can't be contacted for some reason after she said she'd go to the toilet.

Finally, we see Chiharu talking to the redevelopment company/real estate guy and he says he'll help look too. The scene plays out like this:

Shun: If that's so... then I'll go look too...

Chiharu: Sorry about this.

Hayate: Chiharu san... ojou-sama is...

Chiharu: A-ayasaki... this is...

Hayate: >(

Hayate: Chiharu-san... out of the way!

Chiharu: Eh?

Hayate: (punches dad)

Chiharu: Wa- what are you doing Ayasaki-kun?

Hayate: What am I doing?

Hayate: This is... this is...

Hayate: What are you doing here, father!

Shun: I've been caught.

text at side: Together with Chiharu is... Hayate's father? Next issue -- shock!

End of spoilers. See ya in the actual chapter review.

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