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New Year Fanart: Hayate x Nagi

Recently, I conducted a poll on facebook to help me determine who  I would be drawing for my New Year Fanart piece. Here's a screenshot of said poll.

Needless to say, I am quite pleased that mai waifu won by an overwhelming majority for once.

Anywayz, the fanart I eventually conceptualized was based partially on recent events in the manga as well as my speculations for the over-all direction the story is taking/will be taking in the near future. Don't worry, I'll try to keep my shipping talk to a minimum while explaining... maybe.

The final chapter (515) for 2015 really struck me as a turning point in the manga -- especially concerning Hayate, Nagi and Maria's relationship. Now both Hayate and Maria have witnessed Nagi doing something amazing without their help and with her own wits and natural talents.

More importantly, Hayate is now beginning to doubt just how much Nagi really needs him. He's not completely wrong if he thinks that Nagi doesn't need him anymore -- but only as her butler. Remember that Nagi thinks of "the bond" between Hayate and herself as a strong source of support. There can be no doubt that she is deeply in love with her butler and really, the emotional drama concerning their relationship has always been centered around her-- that is, until the end of chapter 515. Now we can see that they are both insecure about their relationship (not romantic, mind you) and it's a good thing, IMO. It's time for Hayate to finally address just who Nagi is to him; especially if he insists on being her butler even without any debt to her.

Nagi's Heartbreak WILL Happen

"There is a bomb between them" has been a catch-phrase for their relationship since the beginning of the manga and thus, it's definitely inevitable that Nagi's heart will be broken and Hayate will be the cause of this; this isn't all bad news however since it will finally set the stage for Hayate to realize Nagi's true feelings for him -- how he chooses to address these feelings is still up in the air, but I choose to remain optimistic.

Maria Will Feel Insecure As Well

I get the feeling that it's not just Hayate who is starting to feel insecure with Nagi's latest epic victory. Maria has always treated Nagi as her own surrogate daughter of sorts -- even if there is only a 4-year age gap between them. We've seen how Maria showed a tinge of insecurity when Nagi didn't come crying to her when she was on the verge of giving up on the manga contest against Ruka. Now that Nagi has shown that she can even surpass Maria's apparent invincibility in games, I'm pretty sure that Maria will be shaken up by this development.

It's About Damn Time

I've personally always known that Nagi was capable of doing what she did in chapter 515. It's always been in her personality and her ability to do so -- it's just that Hata has never given her any chance to prove herself. So while some people might see the previous chapter as an abrupt development, I personally feel that it's about damn time.

Two Possibilities About The Future of Hayate and Nagi 

There are two possibilities that I can see coming up very soon in the future of Hayate and Nagi. Now we all know that Hisui Hatsushiba and her King's Jewels business will require Hayate to be still functioning as Nagi's personal knight of sorts because let's face it, Nagi won't just suddenly develop the ability to physically defend herself from harm -- as smart, insightful, CUTE, BEAUTIFUL, and lucky as she might be. Thus, I believe there are two possibilities as to the future of her relationship with Hayate.

1. Their relationship gap is finally resolved early and thus, this leaves the both of them without any emotional burden left as we go into the final Royal Garden war with Hisui Hatsushiba and possibly some new characters in what could be the final arc of the series.

2. Their relationship gap is partially resolved but still left slightly hanging as Hayate makes it uncertain once again as to who he'll be choosing as his "final girl." This leaves room for denouement as their relationship is further developed during the course of the Holy Grail War Royal Garden War.

With that said, here is the fanart. I've used some lyrics from Ko No Me Kaze and text from recently uttered lines by both characters in the manga. I won't explain things too much. Anywayz, this is lordcloudx with one final blog post before the end of 2015.

Have a happy new year, everyone! Welcome 2016!


    thanks for writing this article i was getting bored because there was no chapter this week. next chapter may be a filler.

    maria has always been winner [she used unusual ways to win though remember you can marry nagi to ruin hayate's shot while playing pool] so this defeat was a blow and the fact that she held back nagi remember how chiharu encouraged her but maria was fine with nagi giving up in manga competition.
    i think that isumi was always protecting nagi in some way by keeping her from supernatural stuff so she was always around her.
    and hayate well he always thought that he will be with her till he is needed but what he doesn't realize is he needs this job and nagi's company as well. in the past nine months they have become close friends if we overlook the misunderstanding that nagi has.
    when the misunderstanding does come to surface i feel nagi will open the path to rg be possessed by honored spirit then in the end just like her mum be chosen to use royal power. so she will shine in the end.

  2. I was actually planning to write a more detailed article, but I just didn't have the time.

    Yes, most people are just so ready to believe that it's all one-sided and Nagi is the only one who needs Hayate when the fact of the matter is that Hayate is the one who voluntarily anchored the entire worth of his existence on being Nagi's butler. It's unhealthy and I'm pretty sure that's not what Nagi wants for him because really, she wants him to be happy and she thinks that he's happy with her -- well, he is, but not in the way that she thinks and therein lies the misunderstanding bomb.

    I agree with you that Nagi will most likely be the one to use the Royal Power. When that time comes, Hayate will have to finally resolve his feelings for her so that he can be free to rescue her without any emotional burdens -- one last time.

  3. Sorry, but could you tell ,is the new chapter out yet ???

    1. I have no idea. All I know is that the raws didn't come out this week and the week before. Hopefully, we'll get a new chapter by next week.

  4. does new chapters release only on Wednesday? this delay is making me so anxious.
    hata sensei must enjoy trolling us.he has a lot of projects but for love of god!

    1. The raws used to come out on Tuesday and sometimes even earlier like Sunday. Yeah, I bet Hata's having himself a good laugh at our expense... with that said, all I can do to support him is to buy the manga volumes when they come out and any related merchandise (as long as Nagi is involved) that I can import... so I guess there's not much use in complaining. I'll just sit here and wait... and scratch Nagi's face on the dust settling on my car LOL!


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