Doll Nagi's Christmas Present: Merry Christmas 2015!

Doll Nagi gets a present for Christmas too... ta dah! It's a nice new dress.

Nagi: Hmm... the material is a bit cheap, but more importantly! Is it from Hayate?

Me: Nah, it's just from your regular stalker admirer, Nagi... me!

Nagi: Ugh... that's kinda creepy... well, I suppose a gift does embody the feelings of the giver and I can tell that this dress was lovingly chosen. Fine, I'll wear it.

Nagi: Well? How do you like it? W-What? You think I'm cute and beautiful? Stupid! How am I supposed to take that seriously when you say that about me all the time?

Nagi: With that said, this dress does feel a bit chilly.

Me: How about you put on that cardigan I got you last year?

Nagi: I was thinking about using that coat Hayate gave me at Loser Park, but I suppose that cardigan will do as well.

Me: Better?

Nagi: Yup, nice and warm.


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