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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 514 (Japanese): Everyone's Heart Is In The Money

The series' most beautiful "adult woman" makes the cover.
Synopsis: Nagi: Maria? WTF are ya doin here?

Maria: Why? Coz I was bored.

Maria: Now lemme explain
(Haha! Dun expect me to translate this. I hate technical stuff)

-Ya need a coin to make a bet and you have to find them underground

Maria: By the way, Kayura and Aika are already underground so you'd better hurry~

Hayate: S'up, ojou-sama? Let's go.

Nagi: I've got a bad feeling about this, Hayate

Basically, you gotta beat Maria as the dealer to win this game

Nagi's expressions never fail to amuse me.
Nagi compares the game to being in a swamp... I have no idea why.

Yukiji, Isumi and Yukiji appear. Yukiji says it's wrong not to take up the challenge.

Hayate: Awright everyone, let's go fer it... fu....

Hayate and Nagi make a reference to some anime/manga which escapes me

Tsugumi and Glasses girl appear to save the day!

Chiharu: Who's the glasses girl?

Ruri sees one of those debt-enhancing atm machines and decides to withdraw a wad of cash so they can enter

Anyway, they all run inside led by Nagi... until she runs out of stamina.

That one eyebrow raised up. So cute.
They reach this dome-shaped room with a coin suspended by a rope on top. Kayura, Aika and the Baka-trio are already inside.

I have no idea why either Hina, Hayate or Yukiji can't just leap up to get it.Anyway, the walls can't be climbed according to Hina and there's a machine that spits out bricks in exchange for money. There's also another cowcow card atm machine conveniently located next to it.

Yukiji suckers everyone into investing in the bricks to get the gold coin because she has a secret plan.

Anywayz, they all cooperate somehow and get the coin. Now they can play the game against Maria. The money used to buy the bricks was bought with everyone's help. Anywayz, the racked up a huge amount of debt doing so. 1.82 billion yen

After getting the coin, Yukiji reveals her secret plan... she has Hayate's passport... coz ya know, he lost it on purpose to win the previous game.

Hayate: (whines) Sensei, give it back to me!

Yukiji: Oh, I'll give it back to you alrighty... but this ain't a game.

We're gonna beat that demon (Maria)

Review: Well... a rather inconsequential chapter, although I have to admit that I'm a bit interested in what Yukiji was thinking. Also, Yukiji finding Hayate's passport just goes to show that nothing in this manga ever happens without a reason -- even if Hata hasn't figured out what that reason might be at the point that the happening was first introduced LOL!

Nagi has such a sexy way of running here... seriously.
Anyway, Maria's expressions were pretty cute and funny here. She looked so desperate for attention and I found it amusing when she started throwing her arms around.

Also, Nagi was cute as usual and very expressive. Yeah, in case you haven't figured it out yet, Nagi's appearance is a large part of why I like her so much -- but that's not all, ya know!

Lessee... so apparently, Maria's unbeatable at gambling or something.

What I found really strange in this chapter is how Yukiji got everyone to trust in her so easily... although, I suppose Yukiji always having ulterior motives is known only to a few characters like Hina, Hayate and Nagi(?) even though it's pretty much an open secret to us, the readers. Still, you'd think they'd exercise a little bit more caution after they'd seen how greedy she can be when she was dealing with those terrorists in the hotel.

Anywayz, it looks like everyone's together now and if you were wondering if Hina had joined the competition or not, well, there she is.

Also, no break next week. The way things are going, I really don't think Hayate will be burdened with a new debt.

Fanart Corner: It's Christmas! Therefore, it's Nagi-santa time. A little personal, but I am an atheist, but just because I am, it doesn't mean that I don't like Christmas. I don't need to believe in Christmas' pagan origins nor do I have to make it all about the birth of Christ in order to enjoy the festivities of this season -- that's just narrow-minded thinking, so if that's what you're thinking -- stop! Just stop.

Ok, rant aside. Here's the fanart.

Lookit dat Hayate! You blind, blind man, you!


  1. nice fan art thax for sharing.

    hope ur right and hayate doesn't become butler in debt again but yukiji will use the his passport to get out of her debt and she cant be taken lightly. even i have this feeling that hata sensei is stalling us and hayate will manage.

    1. Yeah, I think with the way things are going, Nagi might be the one who'll be burdened with a debt that even she can't repay (as impossible as that might sound). I just get this feeling that that's going to be the case.


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