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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 515: Okite Hiroki Utsuwamono - Review and Synopsis

Nagi's sword will pierce your heart and gravity cannot be blamed when you fall in love with her.

Synopsis: Nagi: I'll play against Maria, but I have some conditions.

Yukiji: Conditions? If Nagi-chan loses, how about Hayate gets hit 200 times?

Hayate: What kind of condition is that?

Nagi: First of all, I can't guarantee that I can win this.

There's also such things as a fluke or a miss, but most of all, Maria is the strongest at this game.

Also, this will require great concentration. It's impossible to win 100% with 1 shot.

This panel again... it's definitely important.

Yukiji: Yearh, I get that.

Nagi: 2nd, I want all the winnings for myself

Yukiji: Hah? Wait... Whaddaya mean?

Nagi: The winnings will be used to offset everyone's debt, but I want the remainder for myself -- all OF EET! :)

Winning this thing will be difficult. I can't allow myself to be distracted.

We can't win by just hoping for a miracle. That's why if you can't agree with my conditions: I'm out.

After all, the entire 2 billion debt was all your fault, sensei.

Yukiji: I understand... so let's make it 8 is to 2, instead? Of course my share will be 8...

Nagi: She didn't understand a thing.

Yukiji: (starts bargaining with Nagi for a share in the winnings.)

Miki: This teacher is really the worst.

Nagi: Fine, I'll give you a consumption tax share (?)

Yukiji: Great! Then I'll take 78% ok?

Nagi: WTF! Those kinds of taxes would result in an immediate revolution!

Hayate: But can you really win this?

Nagi: Like I said, right now there's a 100% chance of losing.

But after clearing a few conditions, the odds could improve.

Hayate: Conditions?

Nagi: Like Maria falling for it... I hope... but...

Anywayz, time for a little strategy meeting. Sensei, GET OVER HERE!

Maria: Now then, everyone... didja get the gold coin?

So let's begin! The final phase of this school trip! LEVERAGE ROULETTO!!!

Yukiji: Yah, yah... but would you hear me out first?

Maria: Sure thing. WHat is it?

Gaze upon her beautiful visage and be amazed, Hayate!
Yukiji: Maria, you're not looking at the place where you're throwing the ball, are you?

Maria: Oh no, Sensei... the success rate of that is only 80%

Yukiji: Only...

Yukiji: There's no chance of winning with that!

Maria: There's a chance!

It might be a small chance, but it's a bigger chance of winning than the lottery!

Yukiji: That small chance amounts to 2 billion yen...

That's totally cheating. Can't you loosen up those conditions a bit? Otherwise, it's not even a game?

Maria: Eh? Is that so?

Yukiji: Cheater! Cheater!


Nagi: Anyway, this is the condition for winning.

Explains how they might be able win using some kinda loophole in the rules of roulette... that I totally don't get (wait for DKthias' translation lol!) Something like changing positions after the ball is thrown.

Hayate: I get it! (lordcloudx: I don't)

Hina: It's a win-win situation!

Nagi: Nope... don't you believe it.

If we did that, then we'd be leaving it all to luck. Maria can't be beaten with that. We need to do a little bit more...

End of Flashback

Aika: So how about if Maria throws the ball from behind?

Chiharu: Or how about if a different person throws the ball?

Maria: No.. no... (sweatdrop)

Someone: Then, the moment the ball leaves Maria's hand is when we move the coin.

Maria: The moment it leaves my hand? What are they thinking? I can hit the colored tile I'm eyeing 100%. Their strategy must be more complicated than that...


Maria: Ok, fine... but once you touch the coin, you have to bet on the place where you moved it no matter what.

Narration: Something about the black and red tiles.

Yukiji: Oh, and 0 and 00 are forbidden.

Maria: Don't worry, I won't go for such a boring finale.

Maria: (Anyway, I have to choose the right moment.)

IF the coin is touched, it's black. If it's not touched, it's red!

Maria (serious modo) Then, let us begin!

Red or black?

Nagi: (serious modo too) Moves the coin

Maria: Touch! It's black!

Maria: Such a shame. I'mma win this by throwing it in da RED! I win!

Maria: Wait... 14? SHIIIIII!


Nagi: It doesn't matter if we go with black or red at the start. Once we touch the coin, Maria will throw it in red no matter what.

She'll be so focused on her throw that she'll forget to mind the numbers.

Without 0 to 00, there are 36 places in the roulette

With the black tiles gone, there are 18 places left

18 places to aim for but...

Nagi: I break (?)



Nagi isn't completely flat-chested: confirmed.
It really took just one shot!

Maria and everyone: 0_0

Ruri: Eh We won a lot of money thanks to the convoluted rules of leverage roulette!

Nagi: 36 billion nao, MOFO!

Hayate: 36 billion.

The trajectory of the ball was impossible to read. It wasn't just gimmick... it could have been just luck but...

Nagi x Hayate flashback scene tiem

Hayate: After such a thing... does this person... even need me?

Review: OMG! What a way to end the year! Nagi was amazingly awesome this chapter and it's about time that Hayate took notice of it too. I was glad to see Nagi finally getting a chance to show just how amazing she can be using her brains and not just relying on dumb luck.

You lose, Maria!
I think this is the first time that Hayate has seen Nagi do something truly awe-inspiring by herself, without relying on her friends to bail her out and without thing spiraling down into a gag manga situation. Also, this isn't just any win. It's a win against the ever-omnipotent Maria who was definitely going all out to win this game.

I love his reaction here. Now haters will probably be jumping on Hayate's reaction here with the obvious: "this is where he discovers that it's ok for him to leave her and be with his one true love (who apparently can NEVER be Nagi... screw you, haters!) However, I personally think this is a good thing. Hayate now realizes that Nagi doesn't really need him as her butler to support her or to act as a parental figure. He is taking notice of her -- slowly but surely.

This is great, because now Hayate has shown a type of admiration for his mistress and this could be the start of something great. I'm not going any deeper than that, but you cannot deny that Hayate was visibly impressed by Nagi's feats in this chapter. This is a first! As he always treats her as his somewhat incompetent mistress, but now he's seen that she's not as helpless as he thinks. Where that eventually leads to is still up in the air, but I do acknowledge that he'll be thinking that it's ok to leave her now... of course, he would! He still doesn't realize how much she loves him after all.

This is great! It's juicy! It's intriguing! And I'm all for this development. We are still definitely leading towards a moment of heartbreak for Nagi, but given the way things are developing, things can only start looking up after that.

Anyway, no new fanart this week. I've started a pixiv account, by the way. Check me out there:

This is the last chapter for the year, so  have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we'll see each other again when the new chapter arrives. Also, wait for the pro translator/s and don't rely on my synopsis if you want accuracy.


  1. although i knew she will win but wow. it was not sheer luck she has always been good with money.

    1. As well as having a genius level intellect. Like you said though, it's been a while since she had a serious match with Maria and at least now she's proven her worth as a main heroine.


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