Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Waiting For The Final Volumes of Hayate

Yeah... well, my limited edition copies are still in transit right now so, nothing to talk about this wednesday... but, it's become a tradition on this blog to post something Hayate-related on a wednesday, so I had to put something up.

With that said, this can't be filed under my usual Hayate Reflections at all because I'm not reflecting on anything or even analyzing anything at all this week... at least not while I don't have my copies of the final volumes and the extra books just yet.

So uh, why don't I talk a bit about my plans for the future of this blog?

1. Hayate Reflections

This is something that just sort of came out of the blue. Bear with it. A lot of my ideas are quite spontaneous. Anyway, I plan to do a Hayate Reflections post every Wednesday from now on wherein I (or some guests) reflect on the characters, specific chapters or some other aspect of Hayate no Gotoku!

2. Samantha and The Pieces of A Heart

This is my latest original fiction story. It's a 7-chapter story that I plan to release by next week, so watch out for it! It's already been written and I'm just editing it a bit and doing a few illustrations here and there. It's going to be a children's story that should have some significance for adults as well, so I hope you read it.

3. Paragon of Justice: Crimson Ranger

I've abandoned this story some time ago... but it's really not quite done yet. I should start it up again sometime. It's a good writing exercise.

4. Skip Beat

I promised someone that I'd pick up on this manga. I might blog it if I get some time and manage to catch up to the latest chapters.

5 Translation Projects

Someone asked me to translate one particular light novel. I'm not sure how well I'll be able to do it, but I'll try to make some slow and steady progress on this once things quiet down a bit after I'm done with these finale volumes of Hayate.

Fanart Corner: Well, here are this week's pieces. They're not much, really, but... here ya go:
This is a rescan because the colors didn't come out right last time

It's all about this pic with Nagi next to the painting and not the painting itself :)

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