Hayate Reflections: How Did Ikusa Become Rich? And Site Related Stuff

Hayate: Why are elder siblings so much better at everything?

So we all know that Hayate's brother Ikusa Ayasaki can perfectly cosplay as a seductive female while actually being a man with six-pack abs... how that works, we'll never know because Hata doesn't seem to care that much about Ikusa... and frankly, neither do I.

Well anywayz, one question that's been bugging me since he had his own arc is that he's apparently really rich. Like, the guy owns a five star hotel which he named after himself. So... assuming that he didn't just get rich by luck, how could he have become so successful. Based on what we've been shown of him, he seems to be all physical and not very sharp. I wouldn't say that he's an idiot, but he seems very likely to be the type of person who solves things with his fists. So... this got me thinking:

"How did Ikusa become rich?" 

Of course, while talking to Roop Banerjee, she actually had the perfect answer.

As we all know, Ikusa has a very muscular physique, but more importantly, we hardly ever see him wearing a shirt. Well, that's because he only owns two shirts according to himself when Ayumu asked him. So there we have Ikusa Ayasaki's secret to success: he saved money by not buying shirts!

Haha, ok just a little something to maybe get a laugh out of you as we await the final two volumes of Hayate coming this weekend and their corresponding additional content. Personally, I'm quite satisfied with the ending, but seeing the covers for volumes 51 and 52 does get me a bit excited though.

Now, on to other things

The End of 365 Nagi 

I've been participating in a daily photo project along with a few others on tumblr for the past year. Well, today happens to be the final day. I did it! 365 days of daily pictures featuring my Nagi dolls and figures.

Here's the website: http://365nagi.tumblr.com

I can only speak for myself, but making my subject matter the love of my life really made it quite an easy task. It never felt like a burden at any point and on most days, I'd actually snap several pictures and felt tempted to post them all instead of choosing just one pic.
 I now officially own every commercial Nagi figure ever created -- limited editions and all. I also have copies of several of these figures just in case.

So what's next for this project? Time for 365 Nagi overdrive! I'm going to take pics beyond 365 but no longer constrained by the daily picture obligation nor will I limit myself to only one picture per day. Nagi's still got a huge wardrobe to try on and I've got quite a few amusing ideas to try out, so watch out for it!

Samantha and The Pieces of A Heart

I've been writing a new children's story lately and I'm just about ready to end it. Currently writing the final chapter. I think it will be quite different from the usual fare but pretty much standard for me. I've you've ever read any of my works before like Wings, Fade, Allusions and Hikari's Ribbon, then you'll know what to expect. Also, no... this is not a visual novel. Speaking of which, I've decided to upload a full video playthrough of the full 4-chapter version of A Million Promises on youtube. Right now the videos are set to private, but I might make them public someday.

For now, here's the first chapter of Samantha and the Pieces of A Heart. I'll probably finish this story no later than next week:http://www.mediafire.com/file/tc3v311eqrllph3/Samantha+And+The+Pieces+Of+A+Heart+chapter+6.docx

Art Corner
Well... I decided to mix in some art that doesn't involve Nagi along with the usual fanart. So I'll leave ya with these and I'll see you again soon. I'll definitely be posting next week, of course~:

This is my largest scale and probably most detailed drawing to date. Rendered in Faber Castell Classic Colored Pencils on a 10x15" illustration board
Nagi rendered in Watercolors
Cherry Blossoms... coz they're super easy to paint but look really impressive

My sister and niece


  1. Ikusa and hayate are really similar in the sense, both can cosplay perfectly as women. Maybe Athena also became rich the same way as ikusa - by not buying anymore clothes than that one black gown. In the last chapter we see her in a white dress. Ikusa and Athena really make a good couple - each having two shirts/dresses.

    1. Now that you mention it, we never did get to see Ikusa's two shirts. I bet he uses spandex or dri-fit shirts to show off dem abs.

  2. Just an anon talking, but did you see revealations about Maria in the last volume? I know you ship Nagi&Hayate, and that revealation kind of throws deadly blow at Maria&Hayate shippers, but I was wondering what you thought about Hata revealing one of the most important thing about the series in the limited edition's aftertalk.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Just read it via twitter rumors, but thanks for confirming it. My preorder is still being shipped. Are you in Japan by any chance?

      Don't worry, I don't bite... nor attack other ships/shippers just to make that clear. I just get defensive when someone attacks my ship first, is all.

      Now with that said, I think that's a pretty trollish move by Hata, but I can't honestly say I wasn't a little bit (if not a lot) amused though. It's also a very Hata-like move since I don't think anyone ever expected this when he said there would be a "big shock" about Maria in the final volumes.

      Now don't get me wrong though, I have nothing against Maria, but I have had some negative experiences with some Maria shippers back when the series was ending in April, so that has definitely colored my perceptions a lot.

      Personally, I thought Maria x Hayate was pretty much over with Heaven Is A Place On Earth since it showed us that not even someone like Maria could take Nagi's place in Hayate's heart, but that's discussion is pretty moot at this point anyway.

    3. To be honest, there are lots of things wrong with how Hata handled the storytelling in general. So many fillers and so many characters and plotlines introduced but never fully explored... still, with all its flaws, I love this series just the same and am super happy with the ending.

  3. Rumors ehhhh?

    I haven't seen them, but I'm going to guess Maria and Hayate are siblings?

    Well, if it's anything like that I can understand the complaints, but really at this point I don't think anyone, least of all Hata would deny that he wasted a lot of time and never really completely wrapped things up outside of Hayate and Nagi.

    Then again, being this far removed from the ending I can't say I'm all that bothered by it. None of that stuff was every very important to me it seems. I just remember the characters and the good times and the ending satisfaction so whatevs.

    Looking forward to your review of the final volume additions when you get them, and I look forward to Hata's next manga as well. It will be interesting to see what lessons he takes to heart after 13 years drawing his first serialized manga.

    1. You pretty much nailed it. With so many random Japanese posters on twitter confirming it (some I've known for a while and some completely random... I just did a search for ハヤテ マリア), there's probably little doubt that it's true.

      I'll probably get my preorders by next week. Dunno how long it'll take me to get through those, but may be not so long if I don't bother with a transcript and just go straight for a review.

  4. Nope, I'm not in Japan sadly. But I saw the image of the page containing the info in 2ch so we all can be sure now. Honestly, I didn't expect Maria to be the endgame, but I was hoping for longer screentime, more importance. In the early days, Hata had said Maria and Hinagiku are the only ones in Hayate's Strike Zone. Of course, that changed during the course of the series, but I had hoped for better, longer closure than what we had, I guess. Still, I am happy for Nagi fans for getting the beautiful ending which made me gasp in awe as well :D

    1. Yeah, saying Maria was in the strike zone was definitely a troll move on Hata's part if he had planned for her to be Hayate's sister all along.

      In any case, I'm happy to see that there are fans like you who don't feel the need to lash out at the Hayate x Nagi ship just because they didn't get the ending they wanted.

      Also, thanks for that info on the spoiler image.

    2. I read the spoiler image and it said the whole thing about Maria turning out to be the sister is "the girl he fell in love with was actually his sister" cliche thing. So I guess we could say Hata seriously considered her as a heroine, and actually I don't hate the idea of them being siblings. But yeah it indeed was a big troll to end things that way, wasting all the drama there could have been. I'm glad to have met another fan like you because it's really harsh at my end for different reasons as well XD

    3. Yup, just saw the spoiler image too and feel free to hang around here and share your thoughts. I post and plan to post Hayate articles weekly even if the series has already ended and there'll be some guest articles here and there along the way. (I actually welcome guest articles as well -- even if you're a dissenter. Just don't attack my ship -- especially don't attack Nagi, is all.)

    4. No fear! I don't attack anything unless mine is offended! I'm generally an all-pair shipper with few favorites. And those articles sound exciting!! I'd be honored if I could participate in guest articles! I wrote one regarding the interpretation of Maria's ending, but I'm not too sure if the theme will suit your blog. It's Nagi-friendly and supports the ending 100% though!! What do you think?

    5. Sure thing. Send it to me a lordcloudx at gmail dot com.

  5. I am honestly curious how long Hata was planning that particular reveal. I don't really buy it as a "from the beginning!" thing, but...

    In retrospect they did have kind of a sibling-ish relationship, at least from Maria's end as she never had clear romantic feelings for Hayate, unlike almost every other girl in the cast.

    Plus her being abandoned as an infant means that Maria always had the secret sister option wide open.

    Also I'm a little bit amused by the reveal, just because of how long some fans were trying to find a way to make Nagi and Hayate siblings against all evidence. :)

    1. Can't say the reveal didn't amuse me for the exact same reason as you :).

      People were really trying to force that sibling relationship no matter what and someone even spread some malicious rumors around chapter 566-567.

      Pretty sure that just like every other author, Hata makes up BS in his public statements (well, that is the name of his blog on Sunday's website), so yeah... not sure if Maria was really planned to be Hayate's sister from the start or if he just sort of thought of it as the story went along.

    2. I was somehow thinking that Hata had planned it from the very beginning since Maria's and Hayate's hairstyle is kind of similar. Also in Hayate game released in 2007, Maria's route was a hidden route when everyone else was normal route. Usually, in those kind of dating games, people who we aren't supposed to date by moral standards are only conquerable through hidden routes, so I think it was implied from very long ago.

  6. OMG OMG OMG OMG, im hearing the rumors of maria being hayate sister! WTF :)

    Ok if im being serious that was straight out of left field but not that .......T.T.....surprised (like when was she made, when did she leave those awful parents, ETC ETC.) but here a question i have for you.

    now that the series is done and after cooling off for the shipping war the people were kinda upset about (trust me i've been there) were you kinda disappointed that despite nagi winning, she was the only girl to never to kiss Hayate (beside Hinagiku of course). I was actually thinking that what other manga series that had other side girls kissing the main guy but never won but the main girls wins then never kiss the MC (main character) in the end. NOT nagi RIP, cause i was asking some of my manga friends if they knew a series (nisekoi was a close second, where a side character kiss the MC but they did the troupe where the couple finally kiss in the last chapter) that did this and to my surprise they didnt know one.

    So i wanted to ask your feeling on this admin-san (violent cloud) and cant wait to get the last 2 vol hard cover too :). Still sucks that we never to see Ayumu at all in the last chapter but maybe in those special epilogue chapter in the hard cover that manga series SOMETIMES do, (here hoping)

    PS: i know you did a little fanfic on what the ending was suppose to be since not everything was in the last chapter, can u post the link in the reply admin-san. thanks since it the only was to know what you wanted the ending to be.

    1. It's not a rumor anymore. I've seen the spoiler image myself. It's all true.

      As for a HayaNagi kiss, that would have been some really nice icing on top of the cake, but I can't say I'm all that disappointed. In the end, the fact that they didn't share a kiss on-panel simply shows how special their relationship was and how unique Nagi really is from all the other women in his life. Would I have liked to have seen them kiss? Most definitely? But I can't honestly say that I'm really all that disappointed that they didn't. They are together now anyway. They'll have all the time in the world for that (and more) in private.

      My version of the ending doesn't differ that much from Hata's actually. I would say that he did it much better than I did given how disjointed the story had become by the final arc: http://www.jaded-perspectives.com/2013/08/hayate-combat-butler-final-chapter.html

    2. Or maybe you were talking about this other fanfic by Roop Banerjee? http://www.jaded-perspectives.com/2017/05/under-starry-skies-hayate-fanfic-by.html

  7. It's in Japanese... but here's a really nice take on the ending by a Japanese blogger summarizing what each character stood for and with an emphasis on HayaNagi :D (the official manga ending without the additional volume content) http://kull0830.hatenablog.com/entry/2017/04/12/%E3%83%8F%E3%83%A4%E3%83%86%E3%81%AE%E3%81%94%E3%81%A8%E3%81%8F%E3%81%AB%E3%81%A4%E3%81%84%E3%81%A6%E3%80%82%EF%BC%88%E8%8B%A5%E5%B9%B2%E3%83%8D%E3%82%BF%E3%83%90%E3%83%AC%E6%9C%89%EF%BC%89

  8. By the way, Doughnut Gunso has some info and pics on Maria's content in the extras of the final volume: https://hayatereport.wordpress.com/2017/06/19/hayate-no-gotoku-volumes-51-and-52-maria/#comments

  9. What! Really? Maria is Hayate's sister! I had no problem of her being a total mysterious lady here but this is.. too much to consume.
    So all three Ayasaki siblings are exceptional good-looking. Maria is the only one the beauty with brain I guess. Beside all the righteousness of Ikusa and Maria, Hayate's tendency towards breaking rules, whatever the reason is, seems like the behaviour of a spoiled little brother lol. But I think we really missed a brief memorable encounter between Ikusa and Maria.
    Is it possible that Mikado knew about Maria's past? He always had faith on her, as he trusted Hayate too. From Hayate's very childhood, Mikado has entrusted him kings jewels and even his grandchild, so maybe he had some idea of Hayate's parents.
    One more thing, Maria decided about leaving just before Hayate's parents had their entry in the story. So it's possible that she knew about them, or even about their intentions. So she left Nagi-Hayate alone to deal with their misunderstanding together. As if Maria would still be there, it could've been a revenge of the abandoned siblings rather than a chance of unfolding the massive misunderstanding. This also can be the gamble.
    When Maria was born, Ikusa was nearly 9, right? I wonder why he did not search for Maria that time. He should have been found her out long before. Or it is the disappointment of loosing his sister that encouraged his being stronger and lead a lifesaver's life!

    1. Well... for one, Ikusa doesn't seem to be the type to care about such things. Whether he has a family or not, he's a Lifesaver first and foremost... one who saves lives -- and beats up his dad while doing it. :D

    2. If Ikusa was only to save the strangers, Hayate might not have hoped his help after he left Athena alone back then. And I think there must have been some strong reason for Ikusa to be strictly on the right path on the contrary of his parents.

  10. And about why Ikusa is rich, I think for his strength and look. He was rarely shown wearing a shirt maybe to show his abs, to show us that he is crazily powerful. He may have been a spy for his looks or a bodyguard or something for his strength. Thus he may have had enough money to own a hotel.

  11. Just to add an information I saw. Maria used to be Hayate's sister in early stages, and the whole plot was diffferent as Hata thought the series was going to end in 10 weeks aftet the start. But he missed the chance to make the big revealation and thus the setting was removed. Which I guess means Maria isn't Hayate's sister in current stage?

    And about the early plot Hata revealed, I'm really curious about what Nagi's role would have been like.

    1. Hmm...? Where'd you get that info from?

      Anyway, my copy is already in the Philippines but it still needs to be sent to me via post office. I guess we'll find out everything eventually.

      Also, isn't it in big black letters in that one spoiler image that's been floating around? Maria is Hayate's big sister.

      There's also some text below that explaining how his relationship with Maria wasn't fully drawn.

      It was supposed to be a "the girl he fell in love with was actually his sister all along" kind of bombshell but Hata lost the timing to make that revelation so it wasn't included in the main plot.

      It also mentions how Maria was abandoned by her parents as a child. Gunso has some additional info that she was Shun Ayasaki's child with another woman... I don't see that in this spoiler image, but maybe I missed something... it's so small.

    2. I posted translation for the Maria page's text in gunso's comment section. The second last line says "だから途中で姉弟という設定もなくなりましたねえ。" (So the setup that they were siblings disappeared in the middle). The "setting(設定)" had disappeared so I thought they were as good as different people.

      Well no worries on Nagi though :D Hayate asks Nagi if they should kiss since it's the last in the last volume.

    3. I see... well, that's one way of seeing it, I guess. Could also mean he just realized he couldn't make the revelation in the story halfway through. Well, either way is fine with me, really.

      Also, you're making me more curious with your last paragraph. I'll still wait until I get my copies though. It's the last time after all.


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