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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 512: (Japanese) I Want To Go To The Grand Canyon -- Synopsis and Review

That's the way, Hata! It should be ALL NAGI ALL THE TIME!
Synopsis: Chiharu: Woo! So this is the Grand Canyon, sugoi! And I'mma say something inconsequential.

-Ok, so gotta find that 10,000 (10 million?) yen here...
-This be teh last game!
-This thing is huge! It's like an open world game!
-Anyway, gotta start!
-Where the FU....~!
-Friggin Kananiwa san said this game is all about psychological warfare but...

Flashback Kananiwa: This is a game of tactics desu!
The field is large so you can try finding the gold coins on your own or try finding them together (or somethin)

Chiharu: That's what she said! But this field is HUUUGE! I might never meet with anyone before the psychological warfare begins.

I won't even meet an enemy or anything here in this is is Sh*tty game!

Chiharu: Screw this! I'm retiring! (presses completer)

Eh? WTF! This thing's not working now?

Oh wait... this place is huge, so maybe help won't come immediately. But I dun have my smartphone... should I try waiting?

1 hour later

2 hours later

Chiharu: This pattern... give me an effin break, really?

Calm down, me... calm down.

Tiem to build a sundial!

Aha! The position of the sun will tell me... absolutely nothing! Where the eff am I~!?

Calm down, me! Maybe if I look around...

Suddenly, a wild Tsugumi appears!

Chiharu: Wha! It's a person! It's a real person!

I have no clue who it is, but she must be resident.

Hey, you! (catches Tsugumi looking at the sundial she made earlier)

Fu... you're just as clueless as me, aren't you?

Tsugumi: lolwhut?

Chiharu: You're just as lost as me! You surely are!

Tsugumi: ZOMG! STFU! You're in trouble aren't'cha Harukaze san?

Chiharu: Oh... you're from the orientation...

Tsugumi: Tsugumi Ruri

Chiharu: Anyway, you're just as lost as me, right?

Tsugumi: ......

Tsugumi: No I'm not. I'm friggin knowledgeable about the Grand Canyon... for example, see that squirrel over there?

Chiharu: Blathers on about the squirrel coz the guide told her before she came there.

Chiharu: So...?

Tsugumi: sweatdrop

Chiharu: Is that it? I was right! You're just as lost as me!

Tsugumi: Alright, fine! I'm just as lost as you! So what? Is that bad?

Chiharu: No... but it's just made the situation worse!

Tsugumi: Fu.... it's not my fault the Grand Canyon is so effin GRAND You know...

Chiharu: Ok, ok... I get it.

Anyway, if we cooperate, we can surely survive together.

Tsugumi: Wakata! Let's do our best together!

Tsugumi: Anyway, let's look for a high place so we can see where we are.

Chiharu: Maybe we won't be able to see anything from above

Tsugumi: Yeah, but this cliff is scalable so...

Chiharu: Is that really such a good idea?

Both climb the cliff

Chiharu: What do you expect to find up here anyway?

Tsugumi: Dunno, but we might find something

Chiharu: But it sure is difficult...

Tsugumi: (Can't understand... something like put out your hand if you need help)

Chiharu: See's under Tsugumi's skirt.

Tsugumi: Where are you looking at!?

Chiharu: Hey, hey! I can't help that!

Tsugumi: And I was talking seriously too...

Chiharu: Stop kicking at the cliff!

Chiharu: Dude! Stop it! If I fall, I'll really die! I'm not joking anymore!

Tsugumi: Then stop staring at my panties and climb seriously! Seriously!

Chiharu: Ok, I get it! So hurry up and climb!

Tsugumi: Seriously! WTF is up with this Grand Canyon?

And so... we continued to climb the cliff.

Tsugumi: Fu... stare at my panties all you want. I dun care anymore.

We kept climbing the cliff in order not to die and then...

Tsugumi and Chiharu: Where the eff are we? Why is this Grand Canyon so large?

We shift to Nagi and Hayate

Only panel of mai waifu in this chapter.

Nagi: By the way, 10 people get lost forever in the Grand Canyon every year... be careful.

Hayate: izzat so, Ojou-sama?

Review: I liked Nagi's outfit in the cover and the way she's drawn in general. As a friend pointed out, it's really nostalgic and brings back memories of the manga from the earlier chapters.

Well, this was a  rather inconsequential chapter. Kind of a let-down after all that build-up in the last few chapters... anyway, no bombs going off yet, so not much to review on my end. For those complaining about where Chiharu went... well, there she is.

Let's see... art-wise, Tsugumi is really cute... well, of course she is! She has Nagi's face after all -- and so does almost everyone else. But, I do find her innocence quite charming. She seems to retain her personality from CTMEOY -- which is a good thing.

In any case, I have no idea where Hata is going with this, but I do hope he's not planning to slow down in the plot build-up again. Just a few chapters ago, people were already speculating about how we might be seeing the last few chapters of Hayate with Ad Astra looming in the background, but given the pacing in this chapter, I really don't think Hata is in that much of a hurry to end this manga -- although I do believe we are finally on the verge of the final arc.

Fanart Corner:
Not quite done with this one yet, but I thought I'd show you anyway. This is going to be a special fanart for Nagi's birthday on December 3. I plan to tweet it to Hata-sensei. I hope he likes it. (Check out the print on her shirt... so true!)


  1. thanks. i enjoy reading ur articles.

    1. Sure thing. I tried to be more detailed with the synopsis this time (more like a rough translation). Didn't really have that much to say about the chapter itself though.

  2. Usually I don't mind filler, but the plot has really gotten interesting in the past couple weeks. I can't wait to see how all of this turns out.
    Also I really like this weeks fanart and I'm sure Hata will love it.

    1. I get the feeling that Hata's planning to gear down a bit in terms of plot development in the next few chapters, but I could be wrong.

      About the fanart: Thanks! I've just finished the background for it, actually. I also plan to use it as the new blog header.

  3. loved the new blog header, ��

    1. Thanks! It's not really final yet though. Suggestions are welcome at this point.


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