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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 510: That's Why The Girl Loves -- Review and Synopsis

Synopsis: Kananiwa ain't so bad after all and Hayate returns the King's Jewel to her. That only leaves him and Nagi left in the competition. Nagi is still asleep and she's reflecting on her feelings for Hayate in her sleep -- as expected, she is still deeply in love with him (told ya). 

It breaks my heart to know that Hayate is about to break her heart.
Anyway, there's lots of awesome moments of reflection for Nagi and she finally wakes up and realizes that the completer is down to 2. She rushes over to Hayate and Hina thinks that Nagi is now going to win, but instead, Hayate presses Nagi's completer -- but it's not so bad. He declares that she is more important and that he will continue being her butler even though he has more or less paid off his debt now.

Nagi takes this as a sign that he is definitely in love with her, but the narration implies something else -- apparently, there is a bomb between them and the Royal Garden will be opened by an explosion of negative emotions.

Review: Wow! What a loaded chapter. I loved it though -- mostly because everything is going as I've predicted so far. If so, then there will be some hard times falling upon the Nagi camp in the next few chapters because I'm almost 100% sure that Nagi is going to get her heart broken. Now that the debt has been cleared, the only loose end left to tie up is the initial misunderstanding that Nagi has that Hayate is in love with her. It's a misunderstanding because Hayate has never shown any romantic feelings for her -- which is not a bar to him coming to realize/developing romantic feelings for her, but given how the plot is unfolding, he is definitely NOT going to reciprocate Nagi's feelings in this situation.

This panel is so cute

In fact, I'd say quite the opposite is going to happen and Hayate is going to do something that will absolutely break Nagi's heart -- allowing for the explosion of negative feelings to happen. Fortunately, with the main focus of the drama now being between the two of them, I don't see this as a bad development at all. In fact, it's the perfect setup for the final arc. I see something along the lines of Nagi being made the new victim of the Royal Garden and Hayate going off to save her one last time -- as her butler... or something else. In any case, it's a perfect parallel to how Hayate once tried and failed to save Athena from the Royal Garden as a kid. Now he has a chance to redeem himself -- but before that, he must make his resolve firm, he must come to terms with what it is that he really feels for Nagi and why she is so important to him.
Hayate is going to be a jerk soon... and he's going to regret it BIG TIME!
Of course, your chosen girl might still win, but I'm a Nagi shipper, so pardon me. :)

My favorite part of this chapter is definitely Nagi's self-reflection. I love the narrative about how numbers are strong unlike formless love, and how she declares that her feelings have not changed. Seriously, how can you not like her after this chapter? Oh... right, haters gonna hate~ continue. 

It's almost like I saw this coming huh?

By the way, this panel looks quite a lot like this fanart I made a few months back for my fanfic: Sore Ga Ai Deshou?
I need to sit down and color this properly by next chapter

Also, have a loli-er than usual Nagi fanart.


  1. what Kananiwa said applies to hina as well so food for thought for hina shippers. hope nagi gets a happy ending may b become a brilliant mangaka.

    1. Yes, with Hayate as her husband. Good idea, anon


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