Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 476: I Love Kitties -- Review and Synopsis

Izumi's probably one of the few girls with a distinctive look with the new design
Synopsis: Katsura-sensei checks in with the Hakuo Baka-trio and asks them whatever happened to the Video Koushien they were entering and is surprised to learn that it's still going on and that they're in the finals. It seems they won with a series of cat videos.

They show her the first video which is of a cute cat playing with a butterfly, but in the background, there was a truck accident followed by an impromptu robbery of an old lady from an overly defensive truck driver.

The second video that they used was simply a video of Hina playing with the same cute cat from before.
Hata poking fun at his own manga's fanbase
For some reason, it garnered the most votes. Now that they're in the finals, they've run out of videos, so Yukiji urges them to film a prank video and win the competition and to give her the money. Since they're all rich, they agree and the one they choose to play a prank on is none other than Hayate.

The prank is to have Izumi make a confession of love to him and to film his reaction -- since the others are totally unaware that Izumi actually does have feelings for him.

Izumi reluctantly agrees and confronts Hayate just as he's on his way to see Aika and confesses out loud to him.

His reaction is rather hilarious since he had just been confessed to by Konoha.

Review: This seems a lot like another filler chapter, but it does also serve to tie up some loose ends. Namely, the video koushien thing that's been going on since near the start of Ruka's arc.

Over-all, it was a pretty funny chapter although really nothing to mince words on. I found the poke at the fanbase using Hina rather hilarious... perhaps her runaway popularity has Hata perplexed as well.

The best part was Hayate's reaction though. His facial expression is just indescribable, so I'll just leave it here.
Read the chapter for the frontal version of his expression.
Fanart Corner: No speculation corner nor any new fanart for today, but I did do a little shop on this image to make it so that she's wearing the ring on her left hand -- as pointed out by Doughnut Gunso via twitter.


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