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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 475: Cuteness Is Justice -- Synopsis and Review

Chiharu looks hawt with the new design
Synopsis: As Chiharu is getting dressed for her part-time job as Sakuya's personal maid, Sakuya barges in on her and notes that she's really sexy. This gives Sakuya the idea to dress her up in a new maid outfit with rabbit ears, frills, ribbons and a miniskirt.

Maria: Maid sense tingling!
Chiharu hopes that none of her friends see her because they'd definitely make fun of her. Sakuya tries to reassure her by mentioning that Maria wears her maid outfit everywhere, but Chiharu counters this by saying that she's not that shameless. Back at the Sanzen'in Mansion with Nagi, Maria senses that she's just been insulted. Sakuya tells her that they're going somewhere where her outfit would be perfectly normal -- and it happens to be Akihabara.

While in Akihabara, they bump into Hayate who's presumably just left from Wataru's store in his quest to find Konoha a job. Chiharu turns her back and tries to hide her face because she's sure that Hayate would recognize her now... but he doesn't!

He notes that it's been a long time since he last saw Sakuya's maid, Haru-san and that the new outfit suits her well and makes her look really cute. He then mentions "Chiharu-san," but he was actually looking at some fugly person with glasses. Chiharu is a bit frustrated to find out that Hayate only sees her as a person with glasses.
Are you effin blind, Ayasaki!?
Hayate bids them farewell and Chiharu is relieved that he didn't recognize her, but she immediately bumps into Ayumu who DOES recognize her and asks her why she's dressed as a maid at the same time that Chiharu herself asks the Hamster the same question.

Review:  Haha! The best part of this chapter for me was how Chiharu suddenly bumps into Ayumu -- who, in her usual straightforward manner just asks her outright what she's doing in a maid outfit.
She kinda looks like Hayate here

As far as this chapter is concerned though, apart from reintroducing us to Sakuya, who hasn't made an appearance in this manga since forever, it feels as if Hata's dragging this Makise Konoha arc out again.
Best part of this chapter
Not really much I can say about this. I enjoyed this chapter for what it was worth, but it does feel like Hata's stepped off the gas pedal a bit when it comes to advancing the plot. With Nagi and Maria's recurring role as inter-mission characters here, it feels like they're not even going to get involved in this arc at all.

As a side-note, I take back what I said previously. Chiharu has now dethroned Aika as the sexiest girl in the Hayate-verse. 

Also, you might remember that in the last episode of Cuties, Hayate calls Chiharu while she's working at Sakuya's place and he seems to implicitly know that she's also "haru-san."

Fanart Corner: Well, it's the same fanart from the previous post. No explanations necessary, I suppose. Oh, and take note of her hand, by the way.

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