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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 439: Ah, There Is No Rosiness In This Strange Life - Synopsis and Review

Nagi cover FTW!

Synopsis: The chapter opens with a silhouette of a mystery couple engaging in a marriage proposal by the beach.

Continuing on from where we left off aside from the random Hina flashback chapter, Hayate and company arrive at the beach in order to find Hayate’s brother and the King’s Jewel. The area is extremely hot, which causes Nagi to complain about everything. She even goes as far as to say that she hates Japan’s beaches. Kayura tells her that the sea god will curse her for that remark. Nagi scoffs at this, so Kayura tells her to go stand by the breakwater and look down – apparently, she sees a ton of wharf cockroaches, which elicits a scream of absolute terror from our feisty little ojou-sama.

At the hotel where the group is staying, Nagi decides to confine herself to her room in order to recover. Thus, the Sanzen’in Trio (Maria, Hayate and Nagi) are confined to the hotel room for the rest of the day. Kayura, Chiharu, Hina and Hamster decide to try looking for Hayate’s brother on their own.
Nagi being awesome
Back inside the hotel room, Hayate talks with Nagi about finding his brother and the King’s Jewel that will allow her to get back into her mansion, but is taken by surprise when Nagi tells him that it’s not about the King’s Jewel and that the reason she wanted to go to the beach was actually to reunite Hayate with his brother – before crashing back onto her bed and rolling over asking Hayate to leave her behind to recover from the “wharf roach curse” and to go find his brother on his own.
Nagi being not so awesome.
 Back with Hina and company, Alice warns everyone to be careful of Hayate’s brother when they meet him because if he’s anything like Hayate, he must be a natural hyper gigolo and that they might fall in love with him due to his casual kindness.

They arrive at the seaside restaurant only to discover that it’s been destroyed. A mystery person suddenly comes along to tell them that “There is no longer anyone there.”

Review: Well, we’re back to the main plot again and it seems that the previous Hina chapter had no bearing whatsoever on the current arc. It might split into its own filler mini-arc later, but for now, this looks like another transition chapter and a reminder for us that the doujinshi arc is really over and that this current arc is finally starting up in earnest.

The high point of this chapter for me would be when Nagi once again demonstrates just how much she cares about Hayate when she tells him that she wanted to search for Hayate’s brother for his own sake and not for her personal interest. Not much I can say about it since there’s really no room for speculation here and stuff just kept happening. Take notice of her already, you super oblivious butler, you!
Alice is a rather precocious little girl, ain't she?
I will say that little Alice certainly has a wide vocabulary for a 5 year-old, no? It leads me to suspect that she has more of Athena’s memories than she actually lets on… who knows? She may actually have recovered most of her memories at this point.
As for who the mystery couple might be at the start of this chapter… I have no effin clue except that the silhouette of the girl looks a lot like Isumi. It would be pretty funny if it’s actually Sakuya proposing to Isumi just like Nagi did back when they were kids.
Seems like we won't see the characters from Lifesavers after all... or just yet, anyway
Oh, and… that Mr. T look-alike person looks like the same guy from the Ramen shop way back in the Shimoda arc.

Anyway, we’re taking a little break next week, but some colored pages will follow in the next chapter, so huzzah! I suppose I’ll work on a new chapter for Paragon of Justice: Crimson Ranger during the break.

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