Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hey look! I'm working on a new Visual Novel

Well, actually just a remake of one of my older works. It's the story that I consider to be my most technically complete and competent story even if it does take the average reader all of five minutes to read through it. In any case, I've never been a writer who goes for length.

Anyway, to get this out of the way, I've been working on a remake of Hikari's Ribbon for quite a few months now and just a few days ago, I finally finished all the CG work for this remake, which would be like 90% of the VN done. All that's left now is to code it into whichever VN engine I choose.

I'm on two ways on whether I should keep going with Ren'Py or if I should try out NVList. In any case, the actual release will be a youtube video because actually releasing it in VN form seems redundant and unnecessary nowadays because it's a linear story with no choices. 

Expect the remake out pretty soon (which is like a month or two in my vocabulary).

Meanwhile, enjoy these teaser pics.

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