Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hikari's Ribbon 2013

Hikari's Ribbon was one of my first attempts at making a crude "visual novel" using very amateurish character art, music and over-all presentation, but it is also a story that I am quite proud of - one, which to this day, I can confidently proclaim to be my most technically complete story despite its apparent brevity and simplicity. 

At its core, Hikari's Ribbon is a simple children's story, but with a mature theme that is intended mostly for adults to young adults. That aside, this story should be quite fitting for readers of all ages.

This 2013 release is a movie-only version of my original visual novel (which is still available at with all new CG art featuring a cartoony style that was mostly inspired by My Little Pony: Friendship is magic. (Twilight Sparkle is best pony! Thar, I said it. Lawlz!) The reason that I chose this particular art style is because it is quite simple and I believe that it will probably never become outdated - which gives me the peace of mind to call this remake the final update to this piece.

With that said, please enjoy the movie.

As a bonus, I've added an ebook version of this story for download with additional author's notes for those who are interested.

Download the ebook:

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