Sunday, February 17, 2019

The Value of Art

Greetings, it’s lordcloudx once again. This week, I’d like to talk about art and perceptions of art – or rather, I’d like to hear/read your opinions on art and perceptions of art.

Now personally, I’ve already talked about my Philosophy of art in a previous video and I’ve written about how I think people perceive art and artists in general in an essay on my blog – which I really should turn into a video sometime soon.

So anyway, I’d like to share a pleasant experience that I had over dinner tonight. My mother and I were eating out at a Kenny Rogers and I was working on this particular watercolor piece with Nagi wearing a yukata while waiting for our food.

My mother pointed out that there was a little girl right on the table next to us who was trying to get a glimpse of what I was doing. Therefore, my mother took my watercolour pad and showed it to her and the little girl spontaneously said that “It’s nice, I like it.” My mother then proceeded to show her all the other pieces I had inside that watercolour pad and was genuinely happy to see my paintings.

Needless to say that it gave me a nice feeling to know that someone appreciated my art. I am not a commission artist and I’ve only ever done a single commission for a friend, so I definitely do not make any money off of my art. Furthermore, I’ve never had my works exhibited in a collection before and I’m antisocial, so I don’t really get much exposure as an artist.

However, these genuine reactions from strangers really make my day and they are the best types of reward for me – to know that someone appreciates my works with all sincerity – especially when it comes from a child who could not possibly have any ulterior motives to give me false praise.

So to the point of this video: I’d like to ask you, the viewer a two-fold question. First of all, how do you think the value of art is determined in objective reality and secondly, how do you believe the value of art should be determined ideally? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

This is lordcloudx out.


  1. For me, anything that looks pretty or has been created with a lot of thought and effort behind it, is art. I don't understand most people's perceptions regarding "real art". For me, art is art. I, however prefer to draw/create something which is visually beautiful. I don't always draw something with an inner meaning behind it; I only apply that to my writings. I draw as well as understand art better when it's simple. But I'm not saying that abstract painting is bad, it also has a charm of it's own. It all counts down to individual preference. Also, everyone needs to appreciate art, no matter how much it deviates from their own tastes because that piece of work has the artist's feelings behind it and deserves praise.

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