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Hayate Reflections: Doujin Review "名前呼んで”

I've been looking for some way to obtain this doujin online for quite some time now and thanks to Otaku Republic, I finally have it. Anyway, this doujin was short and sweet. Here's the synopsis (pardon any inaccuracies. I got the gist of the story, though. If you must have accuracy, go ask your lord and savior Japanese translator to do it for you and not some JLPT level nothing scrub like lordcloudx.):

Hayate and Nagi are walking together hand in hand
Nagi sees two of her male classmates (who seem to have a crush on her)
they greet Hayate and think he's her big bro
Hayate is about to say something
when Nagi stops them both and declares that Hayate is her boyfriend
Hayate grabs her by the hand.
Hayate: Excuse us for a minute.
Nagi: Hayate... what's wrong, are you mad?
Hayate: I'm not mad
Nagi: Then are you sulking?
Hayate: I'm not
Nagi: I see... I just thought our feelings were mutual this time. I guess I was wrong.
Hayate: You're not wrong! (hugs Nagi from out of nowhere)
Hayate: I'm sorry for not saying it sooner. I just wanted to make it look cool.
Nagi: Cool?
Hayate: Of course, in front of the girl I like
Nagi: You're really cute aren't you, Hayate! (Hugs Hayate happily)
Hayate: Will you listen to what I have to say?
Nagi: Sure, what cute thing do you want to talk about?
Hayate: It's a long story but...
Hayate suddenly kisses Nagi
Hayate: What is cute... is you!
Hayate: (I think that was cool)
Nagi: ... one more time...
Hayate: Well... she really is cute after all
Hayate: Can we do it one more time?
Nagi: (kinda embarrassed) go ahead
one more kiss
Nagi: Say... Hayate
Nagi: When are you going to stop talking in honorifics?
Nagi: Like you keep calling me "you"
Hayate: Well, the last time we met I was still calling you ojou-sama, it's a bit awkward
Nagi: Well then Hayate, what is my surname?
Hayate: Sanzenin?
Nagi: And... what is my name?
Hayate: Na.... Nagi?
Hayate: Ugh... I get embarrassed from just calling you by name.
Nagi: That's fine, isn't it?
Hayate: Nagi!
Nagi: Hayate! ??
Hayate: eventually, someday for sure... I will also become familiar with calling you by your name.


Thoughts On The Doujin

The art is a bit subpar, especially the artwork, but the faces are well-done and aside from the cover art, the artwork does enough justice to both of the main characters (Hayate and Nagi).

I really love this story. I like how shy Hayate is being and those sweet, lovey-dovey moments between the two of them. The way they act all shy and awkward around each other while both acknowledging that they really do like each other a lot. The characterization is spot-on. They behave exactly like how I would expect Hayate and Nagi to behave as a couple based on the end of the series.

While many HayaNagi shippers would probably have preferred if this was the canon ending of the series, I am not one of them. In fact, I actually like the fact that 568 ended the way it did. That was the perfect time and the perfect way to end the story of Hayate and Nagi, in my opinion. 

Of course, that is only as far as canon is concerned.  What happens beyond the ending is left up to the imagination -- which is the raison d'etre for this doujin -- and many others to come just like it. This is why I think 568 was the perfect ending. It left a lot to the imagination, while at least confirming that Hayate and Nagi are now romantically interested in each other.

In any case, I liked seeing 16 year-old Nagi once again. She really is beautiful, even if this isn't official art of her (it is based on official art of her, though).

With that said, see you next week for sure. This is lordcloudx out.

Fanart Corner

Been on a watercolor painting binge lately. Also, I still need to upload some colored pencil sketches (kinda ecchi) of Nagi that I've been neglecting to capture.

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