Friday, January 11, 2013

Vitassurance: The Webcomic #1

Been hanging out at the Gamefaqs PS Vita and PSP boards lately and the pessimism as to the current state and the future of the Vita is so pronounced that I actually  find it somewhat entertaining. 

Anywayz, I personally thought that the usual troll tactics employed by the board's resident hecklers was getting a bit old which led me to make this topic:

It's always sales numbers, the announcement of the new Pokemon and the old "Vita has no games" card. It was fun while it lasted, but those pokes/jokes are getting stale. So... I thought I'd show them how I'd troll the Vita boards which led to the creation of this webcomic. Not really sure if I'll continue this since I don't really hate the Vita (I love it, in fact) and my creative energies could be put to much better use such as writing the next episode of Paragon of Justice: Crimson Ranger, which I've been neglecting for months.

Anyway, here's the webcomic.

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