Friday, April 6, 2012

Let's Read: The Wonders of Glue

This is a short tale that was intentionally written to come within more or less 1000 words. The inspiration for this piece comes from real-life interviews with my mother. Thus, although the characters within this short story may be fictional, the events depicted herein should be able to reflect how life went on back in the 50s or 70s in my country/area (Iloilo City, Philippines).

I would personally place the story to be well within the "slice-of-life" genre.

The pictures used for this piece were all taken with my cellphone camera and subsequently post-processed in Adobe Photoshop. While I do have the skills required to create competent, original pieces of art, I felt that there was no way that my amateurish art skills could ever come close to the genuine atmosphere that these pics could evoke. The music tracks used come from various web sources who are all appropriately credited within the game.

-Title: The Wonders of Glue
-Author: lordcloudx
-Description: Short Visual Novel
-Platform: Windows
-System Requirements: Ren'Py Compatible
-Year: 2010


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